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  • Say What Now – Young Buck Phone Conversations

    June 19.08 @ 1:31 am
    Posted By: admin

    So I am a bit confused about this whole un-necessary drama between Buck and 50 Cent. Like Really? 50 Cent is madd gully tho. And can someone please let me know why Young Buck is crying on this? Wow!!! I don’t know if I am suppose to feel sorry for Buck or if I should be laughing. I’m quite confused actually. But take a listen.

    *Audio taken from Nahright.com

    Young Buck – Phone Conversation Part.1

    Young Buck – Phone Conversation Part.2


    Now Young Buck has responded to this whole phone conversation with a classic diss record. YAY!! Someone’s album sales are going to increase next week. Sources are also indicated that the phone conversation that Fifty leaked is about a year old. Either way, it’s still mad funny in my eye. Listen to the track below.

    Taped Conversation

    Listen to what Buck says
    “Bitch niggas, do bitch thangs /
    Look at 50, what he does just to get fame/
    Record my phone call when I spoke from the heart/
    That was a year ago, this was a joke from the start/
    You a ho, now I know/
    The only people that record conversations is 5-0/

    …Put your child on T.V/
    Banks looks uneasy/
    If he told you how i feel/
    This is where he would be/
    And They Know/
    Ya-yo is stuck in your a-hole/

    ..Real Niggas do real things/
    Real Niggas never die and give real names/
    If a real nigga cry, then it’s real pain/
    On the real my nigga I don’t feel ashamed/”

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    1. Ro-Shine, June 19, 2008:

      Buck finally showed his ass.
      50 was telling the truth the whole time, it’s all about the cash. Buck spent all his cash and now he looking to blame somebody. He owes the Feds money, and he owes 50 money. 50 is holding on to his cash until he is all paid up and Buck is taking exception to it, being a lil’ bitch acting out.

      Recording the convo is a bitch move, but if he didn’t do that everybody would be on Bucks side and we would never know the truth. He held on to that tape until Buck said “fuck G-unit”…then it was on!

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