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  • Awards: 2008 BET Awards – Live Blogging

    June 24.08 @ 11:20 pm
    Posted By: admin

    8:00 – Why is Usher lip-syncing? I am not really feeling his performance (and it seems like I am the only one)

    8:09 – No he didn’t – Terrance Howard coming out with guitar (Is this part of your promo for your upcoming album)

    8:12 – And the Winner for Best Male R&B singer is – Chris Brown (Go Figure)

    8:19 – Young Jeezy performs “Put On” (Is Kanye going to come out?)

    8:20 – Kanye comes out.. Oh Yeah!! (What’s with all the cussing – isn’t there a clean version to this song?)

    8:23 – Why is Kevin Hart calling himself the “Chocolate Chris Brown”. (Did you see his dancing – lol)

    8:24 – Best Male Athlete goes to… Kobe Bryant

    8:25 – Wow! Why Does Frankie look so high? Nefty looks goood!! You go on girlllllll.

    8:31 – Keyshia Cole performs “Heaven Sent”. She looks good!

    8:33 – Oh snap! she is performing “Let It Go” – Why did she stop singing? Did she forget her own words?


    8:35 – This sounds horrible! Ugh

    8:36 – Nia Long looks sooooooo good. I need that dress!

    8:37 – Best Female Hip Hop Artist goes to… Missy Elliot

    8:43 – Ne-Yo performs “Closer” – Wow Ne-Yo looks niceeeeee!

    8:44 – Why is Ne-Yo touching Queen Latifah – Isn’t she into women?

    8:45 – Jabbawockeez – Blood****!!!! and where the hell did Ne-Yo come from?

    8:46 – And that’s how you do it Usher – No Lip Syncing!!

    8:47 – I don’t like what Ashanti is wearing and why is LL touching Ashanti like that?

    8:48 – Best New Artist goes to.. The Dream (I am surprised, but his ink game is crazy and why is he like the third winner that isn’t here tonight?)

    8:56 – Alicia Keys “Teenage Love Affair” – She looks good but not feeling the wig

    8:58 – Where did SWV come from? SWV performs “Weak” – They look old but I love them!

    8:59 – En Vogue Whoaaaaaaa!!! Performing “Hold On”

    9:00 – OMG – TLC wowwwwwwwwwwww – I am on a high. T- Boz sounds horrible but I love my girls!!

    9:02 – Alicia Keys made my night.. Let’s see if someone else can take her spot. (HIGHLIGHT!!!)

    9:04 – Best Male Hip Hop Artist goes to.. Kanye West (Lil Wayne on stage too – HOLLA!)

    9:06 – Lil Wayne looks hella sexy!!

    9:11 – T-Pain performs. He seriously looks like he is part of a circus.

    9:13 – OMG – why is Flo Rida & T-Pain lip synching? WHYYYYYYY?

    9:14 – Whyyy Kamala Rick Ross – you can’t find a shirt that fits you?

    9:15 – I’m so hoooooooooooood – Yes Big Boi ( I still don’t understand with all the cussing. Don’t they have a clean version?)

    9:17 – Ludaaaaaaaaacris!! I love me some Ludacris!!

    9:20 – Video of the year goes to.. U.G.K feat. Outkast “International Players Anthem” R.I.P Pimp C

    9:30 – Did D.L Hughley just say Warren Sapp instead of Marvin? Like get it together! (That’s embarassing)

    9:34 – D.L. Hughley apologizes to Marvin for calling him Warren.

    9:37 – Best Gospel Artist goes to.. Marvin Sapp (So predictable)

    9:43 – Chris Brown performs “With You” (I don’t like his hair – he looks gay!)

    9:45 – Chris Brown performs “Take You Down”. Ciara came out of no where. She looks good but she is losing weight?

    9:47 – Why did they show Rihanna just now – Uh huh? She is jealous!!

    9:47 – What a good performance. Usher should take some tips from Chris Brown too (No Lip Synching)

    9:48 – Brandon T. Jackson is crazy!!! OBAMA Ya’ll!!!

    9:50 – Best Collaboration goes to.. Kanye West feat. T-Pain “Good Life”. The second award for Kanye (Kanye would of went off if he didn’t win)

    9: 51 – Why is T-Pain walking in slow mo. It’s hella funny! & Kanye says “He is one of the kings of the game right now and his opinion counts”

    9:58 – John Legend looks good and presents an award to Al Green

    10:01 – Wow Al Green had some songs!

    10:02 – Jill Scott sings “I’m Still In Love WIth You” in a tribute to Al Green. Her voice is sooo nice

    10:05 – Anthony Hamilton performs “Tired of Being Alone”. Why does Anthony Hamilton look like he is back in 70’s?

    10:08 – Maxwell performs “Simply Beautiful” (Where have you been – when’s your album coming out?)

    10:10 – Maxwell is feeling the vibes

    10:12 – Al Green made his speech and kept is short!!

    10:13 – YAY!!! Al Green performs “Let’s Stay Together”. Dude can hold a crowd. He has the same momentum he had 30 years ago.

    10:17 – No he is not preaching – but he getting down!! It’s all about the back up singers!!!

    10:18 – Al Green perform “Love & Happiness” – YAY!!!

    10:21 – Al Green still has it. Everyone is dancing and getting down. (Why is Quincy (Al B. Sure’s son) with his “Daddy” Diddy?)

    10:22 – Wow – almost 30 minutes without any commericals. Break time!

    10:28 – I am happy that Rosci took that wig off her head.

    10:29 – Viewer’s choice award goes to.. Lil Wayne. (Young Money!)

    10:30 – Wow!! Why did Lil Wayne bring his family and Kanye West!! Straight Mean Muggin’

    10:32 – Rihanna performs “Take A Bow”. (I Love this song)

    10:45 – Quincy Jones getting the Humanitarian Award from Debra Lee and Queen Latifah

    10:55 – Where the hell did Ashanti come from? Of course she had to introduce her boo Nelly

    10:55 – Nelly performs “Stepped on my J’s” and where is Nelly’s shirt (How convenient)

    10:56 – Why does Jermanie Dupri has two different types of Jordans on??

    10:57 – I like Ciara’s hair although it’s a wig. Why is she lip-syncing? Did she get breast implants??

    10:58 – Where the hell did Fergie come from? I love this joint!!

    11:00 – I like what Lauren London is wearing and Diddy needs to stop drooling..

    11:01 – Is Lauren London getting paid to talk about Diddy’s Star on the Walk of Fame? Probably?

    11:01 – “Obama or Die” Literally!!!!

    11:02 – Best Female R&B Artist goes to.. Alicia Keys – Cheah!!!

    11:09 – Lil Wayne feat. T-Pain performs “Got Money” (That’s my joint)

    11:10 – Lil Wayne performs “Lollipop”

    11:11 – T-Pain can sing – Wow

    11:12 – Lil Wayne performs “A Millie”. It’s a wrap!! “Hip Hop is alive/ don’t worry I got this/”

    11:13 – Did I expect more from Lil Wayne – Yeah a little.

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    1. Ro-Shine, June 25, 2008:

      Ne-Yo looks gay…
      Rick Ross does look like Kamala…
      I wasn’t aware Missy had done anything in the last 24 months…
      Kanye and Wayne need to get off each others dick. It’s getting ridiculous now….
      Wayne’s performance was Weak!
      Lauren London…you know you are a bad bitch when u are sitting there with Keri Hilson and Cassie, and nobody is looking at the other 2…

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