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  • Awards: 2008 BET Awards Performances

    June 25.08 @ 11:04 am
    Posted By: admin

    The 2008 BET Award was not the greatest but not the worst either. The Young, Fresh & New did a live post for the whole three hours. There were a lot of great performance and some really bad ones (Usher – lip synching isn’t cool).

    Here is YFN’s Top 6 Picks for the night.

    Alicia Keys “Teenage Love Affair/Old School Group Medley”
    *The Highlight of the Night**

    • The Best Performance of the Night
    • SWV – looks madd old but they did a good job
    • EN Vogue – killed it!!! The girls looks great and sound amazing. Possible reunion?
    • TLC – It’s not the same with out Left Eye (RIP) but TLC did a great job!

    Ne-Yo “Closer”


    • Love what Ne-Yo is wearing
    • His performance was wayyyyyyyy better than Usher
    • Wow – Ne-Yo dancing with Jabbawockeez – HOLLA!!

    Lil Wayne “A Millie” with T-Pain


    • I expected more from Lil Wayne but I am satisfied
    • T-Pain wearing a T-Wayne t-shirt? Am I supposed to be impressed or something?

    Chris Brown “With You/Take You Down” feat. Ciara


    • Chris Brown looks hella gay with that color in his hair. Not a good look
    • He did an awesome job so I can’t knock the boy’s hustle
    • Ciara/Chris dance routine was nice!!
    • I wonder if Rihanna is got mad during their performance?

    T-Pain & Crew “Low/The Boss/I’m So Hood”


    • T-Pain’s outfit is hurting my eyes
    • I am dead serious – Rick Ross looks like Kamala from WWE
    • Kamala Rick Ross needs a shirt and now but love the man confidence

    Rihanna – “Take A Bow”


    • See CB singing the song.. uh huh.. and they only friends
    • Rihanna did an amazing job performing this song
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