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  • Say What Now: Blogs Are The DJ 2.0

    July 17.08 @ 11:24 am
    Posted By: admin

    The Smoking Section wrote a great article about how Blogs are the new DJ (DJ 2.0). Blogs now have the power to launch new music and break new records. I am just wondering when a lot of the record labels and companies will get caught up on how powerful blogs really are.

    “When you think of Web 2.0 and relate it to where you receive your doses of what’s next, where do you go to get those songs & to whose suggestions do you listen? With the overwhelming amount of crap material out there, who do you look to for help sifting through it? When you want an unfiltered, non-payola opinion on an album or artist, who do you turn to?


    Many of us are members of some online forum where we stay current with the e-pulse to see who or what’s hot in music. You may check for _______ (insert blog name here) to clue you in and/or put the music on your plate. You might come see us for suggestions…or you might find your way into the comments section to exchange new material with like-minded people whose choices you’ve found to be correct before. Either way you end up online, normally on some blog, looking for it.”

    Read the rest of The Smoking Section’s article about Blogs are the DJ 2.0 here

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