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    July 21.08 @ 12:51 am
    Posted By: CirCut of NAP Entertainment

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    Flawless was born July 9th, 1982 in the Roseland area of Chicago’s south side. While growing up he dreamed of one day playing in the NBA, which quickly changed due to his life in the streets. That dream slowly became a distant memory as he found himself coming to something he loved more than playing ball. Music. Wanting to be the best thing in rap, he started developing his skill, which was first noticed when he came out with his first ever beef song where he exploited the phony words and discredited other local rap artists that we’re well known. Flawless finally got his foot in the game. He came into the game in a group, but now heads to the future as a solo artist. He also performed at some shows around the city as well as a major black college event’s half time show down in Alabama. Shortly after that, his rap career was detoured as the consequences of the street life landed him a short stay in prison. Upon his release from prison, he got started on the new and improved raps with a whole new direction as he is taking his game into a new lane with no looking back to the do it your self days. Back on the stage as well many of you can find Flawless at concerts left and right as he continues his journey to be known as FLAWLESS The KING. In his latest show he finished by claiming King of the CHI, which in time may cause some controversy of its own among The King and the others that claim it as well. One thing is for certain, there can only be one King and only time will tell for the crown to drop as Flawless awaits his throne.


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