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    July 28.08 @ 5:14 am
    Posted By: CirCut of NAP Entertainment


    Alright ladies… I have the solution for a problem that all of you have ran into at one time or another. No it’s not finding a good man, sorry I’m already taken, lol. It’s something better… Having a exclusive pair of earrings that just a few others in the world have.


    Founded in 2005 Nena Soul Fly is the artistic vision of Boriquen American Tania Melendez.

    Inspired by the style of the “Around The Way Girls of Nueva York”, and the cultural pride and eye shadow of the Cholas of Cali, Nena Soul Fly combines the flyness of urban ladies with the soul of African and indigenous women around the globe. Mixing traditional materials such as Nigerian Ankara and Ghanaian kente textiles, feathers and cowry shells with hoops and doorknockers earrings, Nena infuses affordable urban jewelry (so don’t be cheap!!!) with cultural meaning and symbols of her ancestors. These contrasting elements of traditional handmade and everyday urban has evolved into her signature work.

    Drawing from her unique experience as artist, designer and community activist has also informed Nena’s decision to produce and sell her work locally and independently.
    Nena plans to launch her extended line of accessories and handbags in fall of 2008.


    Stay tuned because she’s just getting started…

    To inquire more about Nena’s accessories and earrings check out her myspace page or email her. She’s a really talented and down to Earth individual.



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