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  • I Wanna Know: Nelly & Ashanti // Whitney H & Ray J

    July 31.08 @ 9:46 pm
    Posted By: admin

    I started a category on this blog called I Wanna Know that will be asking questions and you can vote for your answer. Let’s get started.

    Nelly & Ashanti’s relationship

    Why is Nelly and Ashanti trying to pull a Jay and Beyonce? We all know that they have been seriously dating for a few years now. They also made it super obvious that they have something going on with their new videos. Nelly is in Ashanti’s “Good Good” video and Ashanti is featured in Nelly’s “Body On Me” video in which they play each other love interest. What a coincident. I am also curious about the speculations surrounding Joss Stone and Nelly relationship.

    Is Nelly and Ashanti trying to pull a Jay-z and Beyonce and remain hidden about their relationship?

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    Whitney Houston & Ray J

    These two have been making some serious blogger headlines about their undisclose relationship. They have been recently spotted around L.A. after months of not being out on the scene. Whitney is 18 years his senior and I believe she got with Ray J after she saw his infamous sex tape with Kim Karadasian. She was probably thinking “Damn, it’s like that.” Whitney is old enough to be his Mom but then again age is nothing but a number. Whitney gotta have some love too.

    If you see someone perform well on tape, does this influence your decision to get with him or her?

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