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  • Say What Now: 50 Cent Addresses the “You So Tough” Lyrics

    July 2.08 @ 10:37 am
    Posted By: admin

    50 Cent put all those rumors to rest when asked about the “You So Tough” lyrics. He clearly said that he did not mention T.I.’s name during the lyrics and journalists, bloggers, and fans clearly took punches at T.I. Peep the video!

    Ota Live: The MegaCity Countdown – (July 1, 2008)

    July 2.08 @ 4:01 am
    Posted By: admin

    10. Redway – Pick Me Up feat. Darnel (NEW) 9. Untitled – Crazy feat. Jehvon Paris (-2) 8. Shad – Brother (Watching) (+1) 7. Choclair – Breath Control (+1) 6. Dru – What You Wanna Do (-3) 5. Ayah – Pusha Man feat. Tona (0) 4. Famous – Big Man Tings feat. Trinity Chris (+2) […]

    Music Video: Ne-Yo “A Millie” Remix (Official Video)

    July 2.08 @ 3:53 am
    Posted By: admin

    Ne-Yo released a video for his version for the “A Millie”. Now who would of thought that Ne-Yo would release a video before Lil Wayne does. Ne-Yo has that charm that has me saying Ohhh-La-La. What kills me is that Ne-Yo’s “A Millie” remix is better than most of the rappers who have posted their […]

    That’s What’s Up: Diddy Blog #8 – Black Super Hero

    July 2.08 @ 3:43 am
    Posted By: admin

    Diddy posted blog #8 about how there is finally a black super hero and his mutha*****in name is Hancock. Peep the video!!

    Music Video: Kardinal Offishall feat. Lindo “Burnt” (Street Video)

    July 1.08 @ 3:03 pm
    Posted By: admin

    As I was writing the previous post about Kardinal Offishall’s video blogs – I found the official street video for “Burnt” featuring Lindo P off of Kardinal’s YouTube Channel. “Burnt” is one of the tracks featured on Kardinal’s Get Familiar: Limited Time Only mixtape . This track is pure HOTTNESS and represents exactly who Kardinal […]

    That’s What’s Up: Kardinal Offishall Video Blogs Part Two

    July 1.08 @ 2:39 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Kardinal has really been keeping up with the video blogging. He posted five video blogs yesterday on this Youtube Channel. He has been recording videos from performances, interviews, behind the scene footages, and randomness. I posted two of five video blogs from Kardinal. To see the rest – visit Youtube.com/user/KardinalOffishall416 Kardinal Offishall Not 4 Sale […]

    Out and Abouts: G-Unit // Yung Berg // Monica

    July 1.08 @ 2:14 pm
    Posted By: admin

    G-Unit G-Unit appeared on MTV’s TRL yesterday to promote their album “Terminate On Sight” which is NOW in stores. Go get it!!! Yung Berg Yung Berg also made an appearance on MTV’s TRL to talk about his upcoming projects. Can someone please tell me why Yung Berg has a Transformer chain because I clearly don’t […]

    Say What Now: Method Man Interviews “Says Soulja Boy Sucks!”

    July 1.08 @ 1:49 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Method Man called Power 98.3 Morning Show with Nutz talking about his current project with Redman and the drama between Soulja Boy vs Ice-T. Method Man says Ice-T shouldn’t have address Soulja Boy like that and agrees that Soulja Boy sucks! On a lyrical scale, Soulja Boy isn’t the best rapper or emcee and we […]

    Magazine Covers: Young Jeezy on VIBE

    July 1.08 @ 12:47 pm
    Posted By: admin

    (Photo taken from RealTalkNY.com) Young Jeezy finally graces the cover of VIBE Magazine for the August 2008 issue. Jeezy talks about Keyshia Cole and meeting Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

    Video Premiere: Point Blank “God Only Knows”

    July 1.08 @ 12:32 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Point Blank released the video for their second single  “God Only Knows” which comes off their debut album Born and Raised in the Ghetto. (Taken from Wikipedia) Point Blank is a Toronto-based hip-hop group formed in 1992, featuring 6 emcees- Imperial, Trouble, Stump, Kidd, RPD and Jackal- and one producer – Pikihed. The group collectively […]

    Out and Abouts: Nicole Scherzinger’s Party // Kanye //Michael Strahan // Alicia Keys and more

    July 1.08 @ 11:53 am
    Posted By: admin

    (all photos taken from Wireimage.com) This past weekend, Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls celebrated her 30th birthday with her closest friends at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas. The Pussycat Dolls, Polow Da Don, and Pussycat Dolls founder – Robin Antin were some of the few that attended the party. Girlicious were not in attendance […]