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    August 7.08 @ 2:22 am
    Posted By: CirCut of NAP Entertainment

    It’s Alive! Alive! Naw… not a monster, but something that will surely get everyones attention after seeing it. Mr. Platinum’s creation, IRIDIUM clothing. This man has the right formula if you looking for some of the hottest gear out. I was fortunate enough to catch up with the fashion scientist for a brief interview.

    CirCut: How did you come up with the ill name “Iridium”?

    Mr. Platinum: Iridium is an element on the Periodical chart number 77 to be exact. I graduated with a BioChemistry Degree so I’m pretty much well balanced in the sciences. My name is Mr. Platinum, which is number 78 on the periodical chart, and I didn’t wanna name the brand after Platinum, which has become generic for all the wrong reasons. So I decided to go with my other favorite element Iridium, which is the rarest form of Platinum. When u think about iridium or platinum when it refers to me or my company always “think science” not “bling plow” people always gets the wrong conception about what we represent at Iridium.

    (The Cool Kids & Tennille rocking Iridium)

    CirCut: When did you know that being a clothing designer was your passion?

    Mr. Platinum: In college when I had to decide between med-school and fashion, and I choose fashion. I found myself more passionate about fashion Vs cells, nucleus, and mitochondria.

    CirCut: If you could be doing anything else besides designing clothes, what would it be?

    Mr. Platinum: A Positive Rock star like Mr. Robert Nester Marley, bests Know as Bob. Spreading positive vibes through music. I’m no Rasta type dude. Like we say in the islands ” You don’t have to dread to be rasta” but I believe in what Bob stood for and represented. He was an incredible human being.

    CirCut: What’s the whole fashion scene like in Chicago now?

    Mr. Platinum: Kinda wack my dude no lie. I get no inspiration from Chicago’s Fashion scene, Chicago is really short on leaders in the fashion game. I think I know all the dudes who are leaders in the fashion game in chi-town. N.Y.C, London, Paris, and Japan run the game. Real talk, everyone else is just followers and our beloved hipsters. That’s my goal to make Chicago as trend setters and not wait for the world to dictate what we wear. Iridium wants that role. Were up to the task.

    CirCut: I see that your clothes are being sold in London. Are there any other locations overseas that you plan to work with?

    Mr. Platinum: FALL/winter 2008 in Japan, Paris, and my home the Bahamas.


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