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    August 14.08 @ 4:09 am
    Posted By: CirCut of NAP Entertainment

    Just last weekend I was able to be catch one of the illest bands in the world and they go by the name of Steed Lord. As soon as that beat drops… you can’t help but to start dancing and nodding your head to their infectious sound. Hailing all the way from Iceland aka New Crack City (I love that name), Steed Lord brings all the elements needed and wanted for a dope show. Great music, lots of energy, & most of all you could tell they want to be there. They put on one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen in my life, on the last date of their FEEL THE HEAT USA TOUR in Chicago (my hometown). So you know I had to get an interview…

    How did you guys come up with the name “Steed Lord”?

    The name comes from Mega´s and Kali´s Persian cat Elvis. His nickname used to be The Mighty Steed Lord cause he poses like a royal steed. Then when it came to naming our band Steed Lord just came up and it fit perfectly.

    What separates the kind of sound your music has compared to other artist’s & bands that’s out now?

    It’s a 100% homemade Icelandic electro music. We make music that is honest and up front. Sorta take it or leave it kind of thing. Its heavy metal crunk dance music.

    Has the Internet played a major role getting your name out in the states?

    Yes it has. The Internet is a great platform for unknown bands to get their music and name out there. Our Myspace page is our homebase.

    How much does music influence on your fashion?

    Fashion and music have always been connected in a strange way. But when we make music it has nothing to do with fashion or how we dress. Music is number one and the most important thing to us. Fashion is something we have fun with and we have always had a lot of interest in it and designing. We like to express ourselves through fashion and music. The only time fashion and music holds hands for us, is on stage. Otherwise it is a separate thing.

    I read that Steed Lord is doing designs with H&M. How did that collab come about?

    We did a clothing line for H&M last year. It was in stores in 52 countries. They contacted us through a mutual friend and asked us to design prints for them and a clothing line. We did and it sold out and it was huge for us! Our name Steed Lord is on every garment!

    The first part of your FEEL THE HEAT USA TOUR has ended, so when do you guys plan on coming back to the states and will there be multiple show dates?

    We are coming back to the US in October for an eastcoast tour. When the tour has been planned it will be posted on our myspace page. So check it out BOOM!


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