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  • Awards: 2008 MTV Video Music Awards – Live Blogging

    September 7.08 @ 9:00 pm
    Posted By: admin

    (T-Pain rolls to the red carpet with an elephant)

    2008 VMA Opening Act & Red Carpet

    8:00 – Just seen Kardinal Offishall with Akon Not 4 Sale in store Sept 9th, and Rihanna looks good as usual.

    8:04 – T.I. looks nice in his Louis Vuitton Burgundy suit – (talks about his new single with Rihanna.) Hmm it better be some HOT shit.

    8:09 – Booo @ Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

    8:09 – LL Cool J looking fresh and youthful as usual.

    8:14 – Katy Perry rolls to the MTV VMAs with Miley Cyrus? What kind of message is that?

    8:14 – OMG – T-Pain is serious when he says he is the ringmaster. T-Pain rolls to the awards with an elephant. That’s original. Got an African Lion Safari going on.

    8:17- I LOVE what P!nk is wearing. Is her hair gray or silver?

    8:18 – Jordin Sparks looks like she gained 20 lbs in that dress. That’s a no no. The shoes are killer!

    8:19 – Why did they just show Chris Brown video blogging on his way to the red carpet? It was pointless.

    8:23 – Gossip: Michael and Janet Jackson may be showing up to the awards together. Is there a possible performance?

    8:26 – Katy Perry looks like a modernized version of Wonder Woman. Katy’s whole outfit is from a thrifty store. HOT! Miley Cyrus looks blah!

    8:33 – Yay!! Ka-ba Modern performs to Ne-Yo “Closer”.

    8:35 – Fanny Pak performs to Danity Kane “Damaged” and they still had the nerves to wear their fanny paks with this wedding attire.

    8:36 – Ka-Ba Modern KILLED it!! That’s my opinion.

    8:43 – Christina Aguilera looks amazing. Love the fhair and new curvicious figure.

    8:44 – Paris Hilton will be doing a new reality series called “BFF”.

    8:50 – Wow Ashlee Simpons looks awesome pregnant. I wonder when she is due because she looks like she is ready to pop.

    8:51 – Boo @ Kobe Bryant and his whack wife Vanessa.

    8:53 – Ciara’s outfit looks good but I am not feeling the hair.

    8:58 – Young Jeezy rolls in a presidental car promoting OBAMA 2008!

    2008 MTV Video Music Awards

    9:00 – Britney Spears and Jonah Hill opening the MTV Video Music Awards with a scene. Her hair extension are bothering me. I am scared what Britney is going to do. Yikes!

    9:02 – Wow Britney got a stylist. People do like her or are they just being fake?

    9:04 – Rihanna performs “Disturbia”. She is doing some Michael Jackson “Thriller” type shit. Love it. Wow this performance is quite disturbing yet creative but I LOVE it. I am highly impressed!!!

    9:09 – Russell Brand looks like one of those rockers back from the ’80s. Is under the influence? Gotta love the hair.

    9:10 – Russell didn’t say to elect Barack Obama. Being that he is from the U.K., it’s interesting for him to mention that. Did MTV pay him to say that? Is that even legit?

    9:13 I must admit that Russell Brand is quite funny. No he didn’t call out the Jonas Brother for being virgins.

    9:14 – Jamie Foxx? I haven’t seen this dude in a minute other than music videos. He mentioned East and West Coast in the house. Britney Spears and Mariah Carey haven’t won an award for Best Female .

    9:18 – Best Female Video goes to.. Britney Spears “Piece of Me” (Are you FUCKING kidding. I have never swore on this blog but I am appaul that Britney won this award. Smells like Bullshit! It’s for BEST female video. Katy Perry’s video is wayyyyyyyyy better. BULLSHIT!!!

    9:21 – Katy Perry performing in 13 minutes?? She is going to be performing a Madonna classic “Like A Virgin”. How convenient.

    9:26 – Demi Moore looks disturbed. She is presenting the award for Best Male Video

    9:28 – Best Male Video goes to.. Chris Brown “With You”. YAY!! I am happy

    9:29 – Ahhh. I have nothing good to say about the Jonas Brothers. NEXT!!!!

    9:33 – Katy Perry performs “Like a Virgin” but why was some chick talking over her. How rude. I find it funny that she is performing right after the Jonas Brothers. And why did they just cut her off. What kind of award is this. This wouldn’t happened at the BET Awards. No comment on her 30 seconds performance. Awful.

    9:39 – Gossip: Lil Wayne performing with Leona Lewis?

    9:39 – Wow Katy Perry is still singing. After 6 minutes. I would be mad if I was her since they cut her t.v. time.

    9:41 – Leona Lewis – Oh yeahhhhhhh. She looks and sounds amazing. Lil Wayne ooooooooohhh weee. Why is he topless? He looks sane. Wait, did he just spit a verse from Drake and then shouted him out?!?! Where is the light on Leona Lewis. Lil Wayne performs “A Millie” and why can I see your underwears? T-Pain comes outta no where performing “Got Money”. Doing a condensed version? Thats not fun at all. T-Pain should not wear black considering you are dark skinned. That performance was WHACK!!! A bunch of running around doing a bunch of nothing. WHACK!

    9:46 – Lindsay Lohan looks super skinny and Ciara looks nice!

    9:47 – VMA Dance Battle goes to.. Fanny Pak.

    9:48 – Best Dancing in a Video goes to.. Pussycat Dolls “When I Grow Up”. Yay!!! The girls look great except Nicole Scherzinger. She looks plain. I love what Robin Antin is wearing tho. Doll Domination out Sept 23rd

    9:56 – Danity Kane looks awesome. I really like what Aubrey is wearing.

    9:57 – Russell Brand kills me with this who masturbastion stories.

    10:01 – I like the energy from this group Paramore

    10:02 – P!nk to perform in 10 minutes. Fun!

    10:10 – Best Rock Video goes to.. Linkin Park “Shadow of the Day”

    10:11 – LOL @ Miley Cyrus playing RockBand.

    10:12 – P!nk performing “So What” at the Hollywood Lot. What the hell is she wearing but you gotta love her hair. She needs to take off that colorfull trench. It’s too much and makes her look fat.

    10:13  – Finally P!nk takes off that trench. Gotta love the one piece hooker outfit. It’s all about the back-up singers. Gotta Love them. I like this song!!!

    10:16 – Best Hip Hop Video in 7 minutes.. YAY!! Kanye better win or else. LOL. Speaking of Kanye I haven’t seen him all night. Hmm I wonder.

    10:22 – Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz look weird together. Maybe it’s just me

    10:23 – Hallowe’en has come early with Slipknot.  And where did McLovin come from?

    10:24 – Best Hip Hop Video goes to.. Lil Wayne “Lollipop” feat. Static Major. His homie got syrup

    10:26 – Jordin Sparks needs to get a new dress. and John Legend looks soo handsome . Yummy! Wow @ Jordin’s comment – “… no one wants to be a slut”

    10:27 – T.I. performs “Whatever You Like”. I am confused why is song playing in the background while he raps over it. I thought only newcomers do that.

    10:28 – Now I understand. They were filming a video. This track sounds friggin HOT. T.I. performs “Live Your Live” with Rihanna. Rihanna looks fly as usual. They just had to show Chris Brown looking at his girl. Is Rihanna lip-syncing?? I hope not. I actually like her Elvis Presley looking hair style.

    10:37 – Christina Aguilera performing her new single “Keeps Getting Better”. I am liking what she is wearing so far. Very 80s influenced. Why is Christina Aguilera lip-syncing? It is soo obvious. Well I guess some parts she is lip syncing.  I love this Electronica sound. Not too bad.

    10:42 – Russell Brand is too funny. He is constantly picking on the Jonas Brothers

    10:43 – Best New Artist goes to.. Tokio Hotel.

    10:49 – LL Cool J performing one of his old songs “Going Back to Cali”

    10:51 – They are playing Kardinal Offishall “Dangerous” as Paris Hilton comes out on stage. Paris’ hair extension look like they came off a Barbie.

    10:52 – Best Pop Video goes to.. Britney Spears again?!!? I am mad now. Read at 9:18^

    10:54 – Why are they always cutting off performances. I want to see Lupe performing “Superstar”.

    11:00 – Kid Rock performs “All Summer Long”. No comment. What the F*** where did Lil Wayne come from? I have never seen him wear red jean before? Do I smell a new trend? Looking like Lumber Jack. Please don’t sing Lil Wayne.

    11:10 – Kobe Bryant is presenting the award for Video of the year. Hmm Britney Spears again??? I think so! Let’s wait and see

    11:11 – Video of the year goes to.. Britney Spears (Go Figure) See my comment at 10:52^ Is this suppose to revive her career.

    11:13 – Kanye performing “Love Lockdown” with his vocoder. He isn’t that bad at singing either. Does Phil Collins do performances like this -with the use of instense lights. I am feeling this track. Very different. Love the use of the instruments. I wonder what gave him this inspiration. Nice!!!!!! Love it!!

    And we are done. Overall, it was pretty whack and probably the worst MTV Video Music Awards I have seen in my life. Rihanna and Kanye West had the best performances. Russell Brand did an alright job at hosting. Although, he used the same jokes over and over again. Since it was their 25th year, they should of made it a bigger deal. Ahh well. You can’t have everything.

    Wait? What happened to the other awards?

    Look out for the Red Carpet Hits & Misses and Live Performance Videos.

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