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  • News Roundup: Kanye Arrested and still blogging?!?!

    September 12.08 @ 1:22 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Sources from MTV.com

    Kanye West was arrested early yesterday morning at L.A.X. as he was involved in an incident with a paprazzi. Kanye, his road manager and bodyguard were on their way to catch a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii where they were met by a photogragher and videographer taking photos. They engaged in a altercation where Kanye’s road manager Don C  took the camera and damaged it while the photographer called out for help. The camera is valued at $10,000. The footage from the event is posted below. Check it out.

    The main question of the day is – if Kanye West was arrested and didn’t post bail until the afternoon, how was he still blogging? Did he have someone to take care of his blog while he was dealing with the police. I am sure he couldn’t blog while he was detained by the police. I would really like to believe that Kanye West does the work of finding the content, photos, posting the photos, music and writing the blogs, but we all know that he has someone to do this for him. Maybe it is Marcustroy? I don’t know it’s just a theory I have.

    L.A.X Footage

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