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  • That’s What’s Up: Diddy Blog #24 – Diddy Scared?!?!

    October 3.08 @ 12:38 am
    Posted By: admin

    Check out Diddy’s latest video blog # 24 as he shared to the world who he is scared of. He is scared of Sarah Palin. Diddy rants and raves about Sarah Palin and shares a clip from CBS New as Sarah is interviewed by Katie Couric. Sarah was asked a question and didn’t properly answer it by providing a vague answer. Sarah Palin really needs to step up her game. Everyone knows when you are dealing with politics, you have to be very detailed and very specific. 2008 Election is serious!!!

    Back to Diddy, I can understand why he is scared but he is a grown ass man. This man has completely lost his mind by hiding under his bedsheets. Like really? Other than that, the video is quite funny. Peep the video.

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