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  • In Concert: T-Pain @ Circa in Toronto

    November 4.08 @ 1:58 pm
    Posted By: admin

    T-Pain did his first show in Toronto where he performed at the biggest hotspot, Circa. Despite waiting for over 2 hours for his ass to perform, it was worth the wait. (Well, sort of) T-Pain performed hit singles like “I’m Sprung”, “Buy U A Drank”, “Good Life”, “Low” and many others. Sometimes you forget how many songs T-Pain have been featured on. T-Pain and his dancers gave a good performance with a lot of high energy dancing and a lot lip-syncing. He is absolutely the worst “lipsyncer” ever! I am not sure if T-Pain realize that he is singing over his tracks and many times he would stop singing while the track was playing. Did I go with high expectations from T-Pain? Nope! I knew that he wouldn’t sing all of his tracks but the energy was insane.

    T-Pain took the time to talk about this upcoming album THR33 RINGZ. He mentioned the reason behind the title and proclaimed himself as the “Ring Leader” of the industry. He is absolutely right. There are many who have been trying to immulate him with the use of T-Pain’s best friend, the vocoder. Check out what T-Pain had to say about some of the industry’s finest. (Disses Remy Ma & Bow Wow)

    T-Pain also mention that the T-Wayne Tour will be starting in December and there is a Toronto date. (hmm – I am not convinced) Lil Wayne CAN NOT cross the border, so how is his ass getting over here? We will have to wait and see. We still have a few weeks to find out. Being the good blogger I am, I got a chance to record some of the concert. Check out the three videos below.

    Remember to get that T-Pain THR33 RINGZ out in stores Nov 11th!!! Contest is coming soon!!!

    T-Pain performs “I’m Sprung”

    T-Pain performs E-40’s “U & Dat”

    T-Pain performs “Buy U A Drank”

    T-Pain performs “Can’t Believe It”

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