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  • Events: DJ PPlus’ Website Launch Party

    May 2.09 @ 12:15 pm
    Posted By: admin


    On Thursday, I got plugged and checked out DJ PPlus Website Launch Party @ Revival. The place was packed with a lot of familiar faces. I got their right on time to check out the live performance by Saukrates, Colin Munroe, Andreena Mill, JD Era, Tona and few others. Every performers did a great job and showed me why i LOVE this city.  This was my first time seeing Andreena Mill perform “You and Tomrrrow” and all I can say is WOW. If you think she sounds good on a record, see her perform live. AMAZING! Toronto has a lot of PURE talent. We don’t need Auto-Tune!!!!!!

    Although I was enjoying the vibe, I felt we still lack a lot support from the crowd. It’s funny how when the performances were over and the few people that were there, was jamming to Soulja Boy “Turn My Swag On” – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! Don’t get me wrong, its a HOT track, but the crowd didn’t show that same support for our own artists. I felt that the crowd was a lil bored and slowly people started leaving. I hope they were leaving because they had work in the morning.  So my question is – what can we do in order to create a BETTER support system and show love among our artists?

    Be sure to check out DJ PPlus Website for all the latest info on him. He is a DJ that really support canadian artists and he is dedicated to help breaking records .

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos because I don’t have my camera yet however thanks to my blog buddy – Toflo.com – she got some video footage. I guess that’s the only thing BB are good for. (i kid, i kid). Peep the videos. Enjoy!

    Colin Munroe

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    1. Dj Melbourne, May 7, 2009:

      Hi, it’s a very nice post. I like music very much because music is sole of our feelings.Without DJ party will become so boring.So the DJ is must for enjoyment.

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