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  • What’s Young, Fresh & New: The REMIX Project needs your help

    May 6.09 @ 6:39 pm
    Posted By: admin

    the remix project logo

    The REMIX project is a youth arts program in Toronto that is helps young aspiring people to start their careers in the urban arts industry (Recording Arts, Creative Arts and Arts of Business). They have always been committed to making a change in their community and with your HELP, they can continue to do so.  They are currently seeking donations  so they can continue keep this project alive and running. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE support this project and make a donation. Click here to make a donation

    I wish I knew about this program when I was younger, because I would of definitely submitted an application for the Arts of Business. PhotoWill, HustleGRL, Addy, and Future Da Prince are some of the few who have participated in these programs. They are the NEW leaders in this urban arts industry and have been working hard in their respected fields. If you are the between the ages 16 – 22, live in Greater Toronto Area and can dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a week – this is a program for you. Visit the website to submit an application here

    PLEASE support the cause and make a donation – click here

    Here’s a little about the REMIX project

    Mission Statement:

    Remix is a group dedicated to training young people in the arts and cultural industries in order for them to take their passions and turn them into viable economic revenue streams and careers. We are dedicated to creating social change by working both inside and outside of the mainstream systems. The Remix Project is a youth-led, urban arts organization focused on the individual while building a strong and healthy community and industry. Working with “at-risk youth” in the city of Toronto, the program encompasses three different streams including recording arts, creative arts, and the art of business. We provide resources for young people to identify articulate and work towards their own personal, artistic, educational, and career goals.


    Remix is open from 3-9pm Monday to Friday. We have a facility that includes a recording studio, two production rooms, a video editing suite, a graphic design suite, photography studio, a business centre, boardroom, 7 offices, two bathrooms and a kitchen. Youth work with their program leaders and use the facility and resources to work on their six-month plans and accomplish their day-to-day goals such as recording, working on business plans, photography, graphic design, etc. Remix holds monthly mandatory workshops, update meetings, field-trips, training sessions, and more. We also have a mentorship program, where participants are linked with industry professionals to help assist them with career goals, give them advice, share resources and networks and help develop their exit strategies for when they graduate the Remix program.

    Visit the remix project website here

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