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  • Events: Stylus Spinfest – It Starts With the DJ 2.0 – The Breakdown

    May 20.09 @ 8:16 pm
    Posted By: admin

    On Saturday May 30th, Stylus SpinFest Presented By Marc Ecko Watches in Association with Manifesto Presents – IT STARTS WITH THE DJ 2.0. This event will be sponsored by World Vision & OMDC and will be held at HOME located at 117 Peter Street starting at 1:30 PM. Hosting the conference will be Ty Harper & rez Digital of  OTA Live.  Admission is $10.

    The conference will compose of the Round 1: Business Fundamentals with DJs, Artists, Managers, Promoters, Label execs and etc, Round 2: Network Hour and Round 3: OTA Live Talk with DJ Drama. – more information read here.

    A NEW session that will take place at the conference is NETWORK HOUR. This session is dedicated to artists who want to network with DJs, labels execs, bloggers, promoters etc etc. Whether you need to ask a question or get some feedback about your track, this session will give you the opportunity to do so.

    Thanks to Joanne of Real Mark Global Group who is the conference coordinator for this event, she posted a video giving a detailed rundown about the conference. The information is available below the video. Hope to see you guys there!

    To read more about the events going on during the Stylus Spinfest Weekend – visit www.stylusgroup.ca

    Round 2:
    One on One – Creating Relationships
    Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

    In this new addition to the conference, we’re dedicating one hour to the importance of networking. Unfortunately, many artists do not have relationships with key industry executives and this creates obstacles for artists to receive exposure. One on Ones can be a great benefit to artists because it not only gives them a chance to network in a more initiate setting, but it allows the artist to properly strategize the next step in their career.

    Individuals will have the opportunity to book five minutes with any of our 10 advisors of their choice, and either play their music and receive feedback or just ask advice.

    Once their five minutes have been completed, the individual will proceed to the next advisor on his/her appointment schedule and continue until their entire schedule has been completed.


    – Justin Dumont (Music Director – FLOW 93.5FM)

    – Jester (DJ: FLOW 93.5FM, 2007 Stylus College Radio Show of the Year Winner – Worldwide Wake Up Show CIUT 89.5FM)

    – Samantha Pickard (VP: Strut Entertainment, Public Relations, Branding and Event Management)

    – Joe Bartok (Entertainment Accountant/Owner – This is the Deal)

    – Lissa Monet (DJ, Blogger, Personality & Tastemaker)

    – Miro Oballa (Entertainment Lawyer – Taylor Mitsopulos Klein Oballa)

    – P-Plus (DJ, Radio Personality: FLOW 93.5FM, Entrepreneur

    – Adrian Strong (DMD Promo – Radio Promo)

    – Jay Devonish (Marketing Manager- E1 Music Group)

    – Jonathan Ramos (REMG Entertainment – Promoter)


    – Email: rsvp@stylusgroup.ca

    – Include:
    – your name
    – contact information
    – name of the advisors you would like to meet
    – what you would like to discuss with each advisor.

    Email confirmation will be sent to ensure time has been booked.

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