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  • Say What Now: Kelis files for Divorce from Nas? Whattt?!?! (Document incl.)

    May 2.09 @ 12:44 pm
    Posted By: admin


    Sources: MTV.com

    According to MTV.com Kelis filed for divorce from Nas after 3 and half years of marriage on April 20, 2009.

    “I can confirm that she has filed for divorce,” a spokesperson for Kelis reportedly told the site on Thursday (April 30). “We request the media to respect her privacy during this very difficult time.”

    The couple first started dating back in 2002 and got married three years later. Kelis is also seven months pregnant with their first child and is set to give birth on July 21, 2009. According to Rapradar.com –  Kelis was fed up with Nas’ verbal abuse and cheating way.  Peep the divorce document here (courtesy of Vibe.com)

    Now my question is where did THEY go wrong? The thing about being a celebrity we feel that we know them because they are in the limelight. People get divorce all the time, and they say 50 percent of marriages do end up in divorce.  Could that explain why we have seen Kelis making solo appearances lately? Who is the woman (women) Nas’ has been cheating with? It’s unfortunate that Kelis is pregnant with his child. But on a brighter note: NAS is back on the market!!! Yeahhhhh!!!! The story will continue to unfold….

    Events: DJ PPlus’ Website Launch Party

    May 2.09 @ 12:15 pm
    Posted By: admin


    On Thursday, I got plugged and checked out DJ PPlus Website Launch Party @ Revival. The place was packed with a lot of familiar faces. I got their right on time to check out the live performance by Saukrates, Colin Munroe, Andreena Mill, JD Era, Tona and few others. Every performers did a great job and showed me why i LOVE this city.  This was my first time seeing Andreena Mill perform “You and Tomrrrow” and all I can say is WOW. If you think she sounds good on a record, see her perform live. AMAZING! Toronto has a lot of PURE talent. We don’t need Auto-Tune!!!!!!

    Although I was enjoying the vibe, I felt we still lack a lot support from the crowd. It’s funny how when the performances were over and the few people that were there, was jamming to Soulja Boy “Turn My Swag On” – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! Don’t get me wrong, its a HOT track, but the crowd didn’t show that same support for our own artists. I felt that the crowd was a lil bored and slowly people started leaving. I hope they were leaving because they had work in the morning.  So my question is – what can we do in order to create a BETTER support system and show love among our artists?

    Be sure to check out DJ PPlus Website for all the latest info on him. He is a DJ that really support canadian artists and he is dedicated to help breaking records .

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos because I don’t have my camera yet however thanks to my blog buddy – Toflo.com – she got some video footage. I guess that’s the only thing BB are good for. (i kid, i kid). Peep the videos. Enjoy!

    Colin Munroe


    Music Videos: Busta Rhymes “Respect My Conglomerate” feat. Lil Wayne & Jadakiss

    May 2.09 @ 11:48 am
    Posted By: admin

    Check out Busta Rhymes’ latest video – “Respect My Conglomerate” which features Lil Wayne & Jadakiss. The music video features cameo apperances by Tyrese, Idris Elba, Raekwon, David Banner &  Xzibit. This is my first time listening to this song since I am still stuck on the “Hustler’s Anthem” featuring T-Pain (sings LA-LA–LA–LA-LA). “Respect My Conglomerate” is the third official single off his upcoming album “Back On My Bullshit” scheduled for release on May 19th. (Check out the coolest ass ad on the right)

    Considering this is Busta Rhymes’ 8th studio album (first with Universal Motown) he is still receiving a lot of support among his peers. But can a Canadian Hip Hop artist  garner the same support amongst his peers? In Toronto, we are known for the screwface capital of the world and every artists who cross the border and enters our city, has to come CORRECT on stage. On the real, why haven’t we really support our own and build a strong foundation? Changes need to happen people! Food For thoughts!

    Be sure to cop the Busta Rhymes’ “Back On My Bullshit” out May 19th!

    Mixtape Special: Kim Davis “Live, Love, Learn”

    May 1.09 @ 3:50 pm
    Posted By: admin


    Kim Davis –  one of the biggest unsigned r&b artists in Toronto has released her first mixtape “Live, Love, Learn”. It features her bangers “Hush”, “Valentine 4 Life” and her latest track “Live, Love, Learn” as well as some new material.  If you have not heard of Kim Davis, well get familar with this singer/songwriter because she is going to cause some serious damage in the music industry.  From when Kim first stepped on the scene in Toronto, she has created a lot of noise with her single “Hush” featuring Sizzla – which got plays out in NYC’s HOT 97. I’ve seen her perform a few times, and she is very inspiring live with her amazing voice and very humble spirit.  She is a HUSTLER at heart and has inspired women to stay positive through her music.

    Most recently, “Valentine 4 Life” has been nominated in this year’s 2009 Stylus DJ Awards for Canadian R&B single of the year.

    Download her mixtape and let me know what you think. Be sure to follow Kim Davis on Twitter



    1. I Believe (Intro)
    2. It Can’t Be Over
    3. Empty
    4. Ashamed
    5. #1 Priority
    6. Luv 2 Hate (feat. Maino)
    7. Let’s Get Away (Interlude)
    8. Chick U  Need (feat. Jonny Roxx)
    9. Sometimes
    10. Addicted
    11. Valentine 4 Life
    12. Bed (feat. J. Holiday)
    13. Hush (feat. Sizzla)
    14. Bounce
    15. In My Way (Interlude)
    16. Learn To Fly
    17. I Can’t Convince You
    18. Tell Her
    19. I Loved You Only (feat. Omar Lunan)
    20. Fed Up
    21. Ain’t No Use (Interlude)
    22. Live, Love, Learn
    23. My Angel

    Concerts: Drake – Live In Concert at Sound Academy (Toronto)

    April 30.09 @ 9:05 pm
    Posted By: admin


    If you are in the Toronto area – one of the biggest artists out of Toronto – Drake will be performing at the Sound Academy (11 Polson Street) on Wednesday May 13th. This is be his first performance in Toronto after releasing his infamous So Far Gone mixtape. Tickets are now on sale through Ticketmaster. Although I was a bit skeptical to pay $40+ to see Drake, but I have come to a conclusion to see him.  Still trying to find a reason to spend the $40 to see – read my FIVE great reasons why you should see him in concert:

    1. He represents Toronto. He puts on for our city
    2. You spent $167 to see Jay-z and Mary J Blige therefore you can spend 40 bucks to see him.
    3. You know you wanna hear Drake perform “Uptown”, “Successful” and “Houstatlantavegas”. I really want to hear “Ignant shit” – it’s been on repeat for weeks.
    4. Did you see Drake at the I Am Music tour? Have you see the concert footage on YouTube? I know he will put on a good show.
    5. Since he is working on his debut album, working with other artists and doing promo tours, who knows when you be able to see him next. Take advantage peoples!!!

    I mean overall he is one of the biggest upcoming artists today and you should definitely support our homegrown artist and show him some LOVE!

    Also – here is a unreleased track Drake did with Tanya Morgan (Produced by Toronto native – Boi 1da). This was suppose to be released around his first mixtape – Comeback Season.

    Listen: Drake feat. Tanya Morgan – Left to Right

    Enjoy & See You There!


    Mixtape Special: Neako “Rubix Cube – Green Edition”

    April 30.09 @ 5:11 pm
    Posted By: admin


    Yesterday, I got a chance to finally listen to this Neako – Rubix Cube – Green Edition mixtape. I keep seeing and hearing about this mixtape. First I seen SeanBeauford with the crazy artwork on Twitter, @Neako then randomly follows me on twitter and lissamonet tagged me in a note: my iPod is happy now [apr 27 – may 3] which features Neako’s mixtape. It’s a clear indication that I should check out this mixtape.

    Judging from the artwork, you automatically get a vibrant, futuristic, electro/hip hop feel. When you listen to it, that’s exactly what you will get from this mixtape. My favorite immediate cuts are Mr.Astronaut and Goon’s and Goblin’s. This Newark, New Jersey native produced the entire mixtape and features another New Jersey native Vertical Jones and Wiz Khalifa. As for future projects, Neako is doing a lot of shows performing with a live band and will be re-releasing this mixtape in a live format. Be on the look out for that. Check out the tracklisting and download the mixtape.



    1. Overture
    2. I Think She’s Gone
    3. I Only Got Once
    4. Spirit Music
    5. Mr. Astronaut
    6. More than Normal
    7. Higher Up
    8. Weekend
    9. Goon’s and Goblin’s
    10. Can’t Let Her Go
    11. I’m On It
    12. Popular Demand
    13. Lonely Hour’s
    14. Cadenza

    Listen Mr. Astronaut

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Make sure to visit his website:  neakomusic.com
    And follow him on twitter: @NeakO

    Go GREEN!

    Live Performances: Melanie Fiona & the Roots performs “Heartless”

    April 30.09 @ 4:13 pm
    Posted By: admin


    Toronto is doing it BIG right now in the music scene. One particular artist that is creating a lot of noise on the R&B/Soul tip is Miss Melanie Fiona. She has definitely come a long way especially coming from Toronto. I first met Melanie when we were 6 years old. From the first day I met her, there was always something about her that was special. This girl could sing even at that age.  20+ years later, she is one of the biggest newcomers to watch out for in 2009. I am so amazed that she followed her dreams and stuck with her passion – singing & writing. With that said, here’s a small clip of Melanie performing Kanye’s cover “Heartless” at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. This performance gives me the chills.  Melane Fiona + the Roots = PURE DAMAGE! She is currently doing promo tours across the U.S. so make sure when she is in your town – please go and see her.

    Melanie’s debut album “The Bridge” is slated for a summer release – late July/early August. Be sure you pick it up and support.

    Movie Reviews: “Obsessed”

    April 30.09 @ 3:26 pm
    Posted By: admin


    Last Friday, the twitter crew in Toronto decided to watch the premiere of Obsessed. Judging from the trailers, many of us were not convinced with Beyonce’s acting skills.  So most of us went in wondering how her acting was going to be like. I must tell you that Obsessed is a thriller/comedy (and yes you are reading right – comedy) that everyone should see. It is an equation of fatal attraction meets jungle fever. Honestly!

    To sum up the movie, Obsessed is about Derek (Idris Elba) an asset manager and married man to wife Sharon (Beyonce) who gets a new temp assistant Lisa (Ali Larter) who immediately starts to stalk Derek and ruin everything he has worked hard for in order to get what she wants. HIM!


    (Anyone who seen the movie will understand the meaning of this smiley face at the top. Special thanks to @toflo for creating this avatar )

    Beyonce did a really good job in this role. She didn’t over act or under act. I for one was highly impressed at her acting skills. As for Ali Larter, that woman is all around crazy- in all sense. The whole time when I was watching the movie, I was thinking – “are there people really who act like this?” I wonder what drives them to the point to become a stalker and act all crazy? Obsession is indeed the word. Idris Elba on the other hand has always been an amazing actor to me.  Might I add, very sexy. The fact that his is British and he can control his accent is pure talent.

    The plot and cinematopgraphy was very straight forward. However, I didn’t like the fact that it went from Christmas to three months later and then to 6 months. I couldn’t really understand the point of it. Is it the fact that some people are so crazy that they will stalk you for that long of a time? I’m not sure. If you seen the trailers, I am sure you can put two and two together to know how the movie ends – the classic fighting scene between Lisa (Ali Larter) and Sharon (Beyonce). Ms. Knowles got nasty with it, especially with that headbutt. I won’t ruin the closing of the movie but I will say that the ending was super corny and it was cornier that Beyonce’s “Smash Into You” was playing at the end. CORNY!

    Overall, it was a pretty good see. Grab a bunch of friends who have a great sense of humour and go see it. You will not be sorry.

    Young, Fresh & New Rating: 3.25/5.0

    For those who seen the movie, here are some followup questions:

    • Did you like the movie or not?
    • Did you find the movie funny, scary, intense…?
    • What is your favorite scene?
    • Have you ever met someone (male/female) who was this stalker like Lisa? I’m just boogled by the fact there are people who will do anything and everything to get what they want.

    Let me know peoples!

    Updates: Welcome to the NEW Young, Fresh & New blog – v2

    April 30.09 @ 1:34 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Welcome to the NEW Young, Fresh & New blog – v2.

    I want to welcome the new and old followers to the new and improved blog. I will assure you that you will NOT be disappointed. What you will find on the Young, Fresh & New blog is a lot of exclusive and very opinionated content within music, fashion, entertainment, film/television and technology. I am dedicated to being a primary source for new information, branding artists, helping with marketing campaigns and just being an all around leader in the blog world. You will also find a lot of Canadian content especially Toronto artists as I am dedicated to help out this music industry that is picking up. There’s a lot of things going on in Toronto and this will be a good place to see what’s going on.

    I would like to apologize for not having this blog ready for February 2009. Sometimes things don’t go as you would like. It’s here now and I am definitely here to stay. I appreciate everyone’s patience and support in helping me get this blog back in order. I have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this project and I hope everyone will like what I plan in the upcoming weeks. I am still tweaking this website, so please bare with me. If there is any invalid links, bug or any issues – please let me know. With that said, please read the check list:

    1. Subscribe to my RSS feed via Email or via rss feed
    2. Follow me on Twitter: @youngfreshnew
    3. Make sure to tell a friend about the blog too.
    4. And promise me you will come back and engage in conversation! – leave a comment too.

    For any advertising inquiries: advertise[at]theyoungfreshnew.com
    Info inquries: info[at]theyoungfreshnew.com

    I also wanted to express special thanks to the following people: @RoShine, @4StaceyStar, @Toflo,  Real Mark Global Group, @gogomonkey, Universal Music Canada, Asphalt Regime, Nader Z, @moearora, Rena S, @Heinz21st, Sony Music Canada, Remered, Chris George, Frankie Payne, @HeyHomee, @Emti, and @fortyacres. You have all help me in some sort of way with my blog and thank you for your support and advice. I really do appreciate you all!

    Please let me know what you think about the new layout. Vote, contact me, hit me on twitter – let me know what you really think!

    Do you like the NEW layout?

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    That’s What’s Up: Beyonce & Justin Timberlake do “Single Ladies” on SNL

    November 17.08 @ 12:59 pm
    Posted By: admin
    Justin Timberlake made a surprise appearance on this past weekend Saturday Night Live episode along with Beyonce and Paul Rudd. Beyonce’s upcoming third album I AM… SASHA FIERCE will be in stores tomorrow (Nov 18th) and she has been promoting her ass off with her two singles “If I Was A Boy” and “Single Ladies”. I am sure everyone has seen the sexy black and white music video for “Single Ladies” and SNL decide to do a live taping of the music video on their set. In this twist, she has 3 male dancers including Justin Timberlake who are all in tight black bodysuits and heels. Now what can possibly go wrong with this video, you will have to see it for yourself below. It is absolutely hilarious!!! Enjoy

    In Concert: T-Pain @ Circa in Toronto

    November 4.08 @ 1:58 pm
    Posted By: admin

    T-Pain did his first show in Toronto where he performed at the biggest hotspot, Circa. Despite waiting for over 2 hours for his ass to perform, it was worth the wait. (Well, sort of) T-Pain performed hit singles like “I’m Sprung”, “Buy U A Drank”, “Good Life”, “Low” and many others. Sometimes you forget how many songs T-Pain have been featured on. T-Pain and his dancers gave a good performance with a lot of high energy dancing and a lot lip-syncing. He is absolutely the worst “lipsyncer” ever! I am not sure if T-Pain realize that he is singing over his tracks and many times he would stop singing while the track was playing. Did I go with high expectations from T-Pain? Nope! I knew that he wouldn’t sing all of his tracks but the energy was insane.

    T-Pain took the time to talk about this upcoming album THR33 RINGZ. He mentioned the reason behind the title and proclaimed himself as the “Ring Leader” of the industry. He is absolutely right. There are many who have been trying to immulate him with the use of T-Pain’s best friend, the vocoder. Check out what T-Pain had to say about some of the industry’s finest. (Disses Remy Ma & Bow Wow)

    T-Pain also mention that the T-Wayne Tour will be starting in December and there is a Toronto date. (hmm – I am not convinced) Lil Wayne CAN NOT cross the border, so how is his ass getting over here? We will have to wait and see. We still have a few weeks to find out. Being the good blogger I am, I got a chance to record some of the concert. Check out the three videos below.

    Remember to get that T-Pain THR33 RINGZ out in stores Nov 11th!!! Contest is coming soon!!!

    T-Pain performs “I’m Sprung”


    That’s What’s Up: Ne-Yo as Tom Sanders on MAD TV

    November 2.08 @ 1:26 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Ne-Yo made an appearances on MAD TV last night. Do people still watch MAD TV? I am so caught up with Saturday Night Live and their presidential sketches. One thing I love about Ne-Yo is his great personality. He is always trying something new and showing people different sides of him. In this case, he plays a news reporter who flirts with a fellow news reporter Christina Burke on the air. Their conversations were hilarious and Tom Sanders just really takes it to an extreme. Check out the video and enjoy!