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  • Events: Baby Yu Bye Bye Party at This Is London

    June 28.08 @ 5:52 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Last Monday, RG hosted Baby Yu‘s Bye Bye Party at Toronto’s This Is London. The event was a huge success as 400+ friends and supporters were in attendance to say their good-byes to Baby Yu as he gets ready for his departure to the A-T-L. Universal Music Canada, Sony BMG Music Canada, and EMI Music Canada presented Baby Yu with a multi-platinum certified plaque of all his mixtapes.

    For those who don’t know much about Baby Yu, he is one of Canada’s well known DJs from Toronto. Playing regularly at Toronto’s Guvernment Nightclub, Tonic, Republik and Level, he has become a recognizable brand. He has opened for many artists like Sean Paul, The Game, Juelz Santana, Usher, and Fabolous – just to name a few. He has won countless DJs and Mixtapes awards including the “2003 Flavor Pool DJ of the Year,” “2007 Stylus Club DJ of the Year”, and most recently “2008 Stylus Mixtape DJ of the Year”. He has performed and toured across Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Jamaica, Atlanta, and New York.

    As of July 2008, he will be embarking on a new journey to Atlanta where he has regular gigs at Dreamz Nightclub on Fridays and the Velvet Room on Saturdays. If you are in the Atlanta area, please be sure to check out him out at any of these clubs.

    You can also catch Baby Yu on the radio stations below and be sure to subscribe to Baby Yu’s podcast.

    XM Satellite Radio
    Metromix on THE CITY XM 67
    Sunday at 3AM EST/Wednesday 6PM EST/Thursday 1PM EST/Friday 7AM EST/Saturday 4PM EST

    Sirius Satellite Radio
    Violator All-Star DJ’s Uncut Radio on Hip-Hop Nation, Channel 40
    Sundays at 10PM EST – 12AM EST

    Sirius Satellite Radio
    League Crew Radio on Hip-Hop Nation, Channel 40
    Saturdays at 2AM EST – 4AM EST

    Baby Yu Syndicated Radio Show – “REMIX RADIO”
    Globe-Radio in Toronto
    Thursday at 6PM EST/Friday at 12PM EST (Repeat Show)

    Below are some photos of the event.

    Row 1(l – r) Russell Peters, Baby Yu, DJ Starting From Scratch / Baby Yu’s Plaque Presentation / Baby Yu

    Row 2 (l – r) Baby Yu / Baby Yu & RG

    Final words – We are definitely going to miss having Baby Yu around in the T.Dot and The Young, Fresh & New team wishes him the best in all his future endeavors. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

    New Music: T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne “Can’t Believe It”

    June 28.08 @ 5:13 pm
    Posted By: admin

    There are a lot of speculations surrounding this new track by T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne “Can’t Believe It”. This track will be on T-Pain’s upcoming album Three Ringz and on Lil Wayne/T-Pain collaboration album He Rap, He Sings similar to Jay-z & R. Kelly (Best of Both Worlds). I really wonder how the collabo album is going to sound, but I am sure it’s going to be pure greatness!

    Of course, this track is produced by T-Pain and after listening to this song a few times, it’s really starting to grow on me. It’s a pretty HOT although Lil Wayne is on for two seconds. So what do you think – vote below

    T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne "Can't Believe It

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    T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne – “Can’t Believe It”


    Freestyle Central: Ludacris//Kanye West//T-Pain & Young Cash

    June 28.08 @ 3:58 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Ludacris – Big Ass House (over Rick Ross “The Boss”)

    Finally, Ludacris posted a freestyle “Big Ass House” to prove that he still got it. And believe me, he does.

    He is reportedly working on his sixth album “Theater In The Mind” schedule for release in September/October 2008. Be sure to check the blog for his new single.

    Kanye West – “Jigga My Nigga” Freestyle

    Kanye West leaked a freestyle over Jay-z “Jigga My Nigga” beat. He ain’t bad over this beat but he sounds a bit different. (Or it might just be me).

    T-Pain & Young Cash – “A Millie ” Freestyle

    I honestly thought people were done with the “A Millie” freestyle, but I guess not. T-Pain & Young Cash made an attempt to rap over the “A Millie” beat. It’s a Hot freestyle but too damn long.

    Thanks to BB for the music!

    He Got Next: Frankie Payne

    June 28.08 @ 11:51 am
    Posted By: admin

    For all you Torontonians and Canadians out there who love hip hop, you might be familiar with this dude – Frankie Payne. Formerly known as Jugganot, Frankie Payne is ready to dominate world with his underrated lyrical proficiency. After years of working with Split Decision, Graphidi Logik and Browns Bricks Ent, he has been keeping busy with several upcoming projects including working with some of the industry’s top.

    Recently, he has released his first single called “REACH” which is produced by Tone Mason. This song brings me back to how hip hop used to be with ridiculous drums and horns. It is a great attempt to resurrect hip hop in Canada and the U.S. Peep the track!


    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    That’s What’s Up: Pacific Division – Big Mac Rap

    June 27.08 @ 11:01 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Special thanks to my homeboy Heinz, he put me on to these guys – Pacific Division.

    Representing Los Angeles, California, this trio consists of two brothers Like and Mibbs along with close friend BeYoung. Having been together since high school days, they broke into the music scene after realizing their passion for hip hop music. Pacific Division started to enormous amount of attention from local events and the Internet including MySpace where Pharrell from the Neptunes contacted them for a possible opportunity to work with him. In addition, they got a chance to meet up with Questlove of the Roots where they had the opportunity to pass their demo in which Questlove offer his support to the upcoming trio.
    Now in 2008, they recently got signed to Universal Music – Motown and is working on their debut album hoping to be release by the end of the year.

    Check out the video below – they talk about being yourself is important and Big Mac. Remember where you heard Pacific Division first, because you will be hearing a lot about these guys!!


    • After watching this video – I want a damn Big Mac (I’ve been McDonald’s free since April 2008)

    Video Premiere: Day 26 “Since You’ve Been Gone”

    June 27.08 @ 10:16 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Wow!! I honestly thought these dude were done. I guess not.Just like T.I., Day 26 premiered their new video “Since You’ve Been Gone” off their debut album “Day 26” which is out in stores now. Produced by Bryan Michael-Cox and Adonis, Day 26 has delivered a feel good r&b track. Too bad not a lot of people are feeling them. Peep the video – It’s not bad either.


    • Why am I feeling these guys all over again?
    • Did Q get more tattoos? I like!!!
    • Whoa – Did you guys see Dawn. Like Really
    • Homegirl’s leg is all up on Q – Wow!
    • I’m Sorry – Robert plays the piano. I’m dying
    • Big Mike igot zero airtime – poor thing

    Video Premiere: T.I. “No Matter What”

    June 27.08 @ 10:04 pm
    Posted By: admin

    T.I. is back and he is here to stay. His new music video  “No Matter What” premiered today on MTV’s FN MTV. This is the official first single off his much anticipated fourth album “Paper Trail” out in stores September 2, 2008.  No matter what he is going through or what has happened, he ain’t going no where.

    New Music: Christina Milian feat. Voyce Alexander//Lloyd

    June 27.08 @ 9:43 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Christina Milian feat. Voyce Alexander – “All We Need To Know”
    Christina Milian has been working on her fourth album which is set to be release sometimes this year. I found of one of her songs floating around the internet that features T.Dot’s own singer/songwriter Voyce Alexander. He is currently working with Bryan Michael-Cox and has written a bunch of songs including Day 26 “Got Me Going”. This song produced by Bad Boys producer “Se7en Aurelius”

    Lloyd – “I Can Change Your Life”
    Lloyd has really been growing on me. I always get this Michael Jackson vibe from him and this track shows that quality. “I Can Change Your Life” is one of the songs off his upcoming album “Lessons In Love” out in stores August 5th, 2008. Produced by Oak.

    Special Thanks to BB for proving the new music.

    That’s What’s Up: Lil Wayne Blog #2

    June 27.08 @ 1:22 am
    Posted By: admin

    Lil Wayne posted his second blog while he was on the video shoot for his second single “Got Money” feat. T-Pain (This is my joint ya’ll!!!) He gave thanks everyone who did and didn’t picked up the album. (That’s quite interesting). He had also stated that he would be posting another video blog but that hasn’t hit the Internet world yet. I wonder if he will do a video blog while he is in Toronto for his concert.

    Drama In The Air: Mariah & Nick’s Marriage in Trouble

    June 27.08 @ 12:52 am
    Posted By: admin

    Did you see this coming? Cause I know I did. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are facing trouble with their marriage after the couple tied the knot two months ago. Sources are claiming that Mariah is too much of a diva and requires Nick to do everything for her. An insider said “Nick does whatever Mariah wants him to — he’s like her puppy”. Apparently he is spending a lot of time using her credit card more than spending time with her. (What a marriage!)  Another close source says “the marriage will most likely last six months.” In that case, it’s pretty sad to hear about this but hate to say ” i told you so”.

    It is clear to me that Nick Cannon is WHIPPED!!! (Yes I said It – he is WHIPPED!!) I can’t understand why he is acting like he has no backbone. But at the same time, this is what happens when you marry someone after seeing each other for only six weeks. My advice to Nick Cannon is to Man-UP!!!

    Worst Case Scenario:

    So what happens if they get a divorce? Do they have a pre-nupital agreement? What will happen to Mariah’s tattoo? Better yet,  what will happen to Nick’s “Mariah” tattoo on his back? I honestly think it’s fake and I am calling it out. Remember I am the first to say it. FAKE!

    To be continued..

    On Air: Rapcity My Hood Edition – Yung Berg

    June 27.08 @ 12:05 am
    Posted By: admin

    Yung Berg appeared on BET’s Rapcity (In My Hood Edition) today. Berg talks about shoes, Soulja Boy and claiming the “Mr. Rapcity” title. (Not sure if I agree with that, but okay). He also talks about all the people that he has been working with on the album including Lloyd, Amerie,Trey Songz and Collie Buddz. His debut album “Look What You Made Me” hit stores on August 12, 2008.

    Peep the Freestyle


    New Music: The D.E.Y. “And I Miss You”

    June 26.08 @ 2:20 am
    Posted By: admin

    The D.E.Y. composed of Divine, Élan, and Yeyo is a latin, r&b, hip hop, pop trio reppin’ New York and Puerto Rico. Following the footsteps of The Fugees and Black Eyed Peas, they are on the rise to take over a gap that hasn’t been touch in over two years. With the combination of latin, hip hop, pop and r&b, this group can attract a huge capacity of people to their music.

    Their second single “And I Miss You” from their debut album “The Dey Has Come” which contains a classic hip hop sample of Gangstarr – “Mass Appeal”. (For those who don’t know this song – peep the podcast.) Produced by Havoc, this track has a nice hip hop, r&b rhythm to it and will invite the old school hip hop heads like myself to preview the track. “The Dey Has Come” has not been scheduled for release but I am assuming it will hit stores late summer/early fall. (But I may be wrong)

    Peep the single.

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.