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  • G-Unit “T.O.S.” July 1st Commercial

    June 23.08 @ 7:47 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Peep this G-Unit’s commercial.

    Say What Now: Bow Wow 106 & Park “Freestyle” is pre-written

    June 23.08 @ 7:32 pm
    Posted By: admin


    Late last week, I wrote a post about Bow Wow’s Freestyle on 106 & Park and was wondering if the “freestyle” was a pre-written rhyme. Guess what? it is. Bow used his lyrics from a track he did with Lil Wayne called “Money In My Way”. – link I believe it’s an unreleased track.

    A special shout out S.O. for letting me know about the track.


    That’s What’s Up: Diddy Blog #7 – Talks About Success With Lil Wayne

    June 23.08 @ 6:57 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Diddy is a video blogger ya’ll. He had a chance to talk to Lil Wayne about success and how to help the up and coming artists to achieve what Diddy and Lil Wayne have.

    As Diddy says “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…” Peep the video.


    Diddy even adds ad-lib while Lil Wayne talks!

    Say What Now: Soulja Boy responds to Ice-T

    June 23.08 @ 12:04 am
    Posted By: admin

    So I wasn’t gonna even write about this whole “BEEF” between Ice-T and Soulja Boy because I could care less. But I decided to finally watch the video and all I have to say Soulja Boy gave it to Ice-T. It’s hella funny. A lot of the things Soulja Boy says is true and I honestly believe that Ice-T is doing this in order to create some sort of Buzz. Shoot – I can not knock the dude for trying.

    Here is the Ice-T audio talking about Soulja Boy

    Peep Soulja Boy’s response below!!

    Shout Out to RC for forcing me to hear this shit!

    On Air: G-Unit on MuchMusic’s MuchOnDemand

    June 22.08 @ 9:13 pm
    Posted By: admin

    50 Cent & G-Unit are in Toronto today for their show at Circa. They had a chance to drop by MuchMusic’s MuchOnDemand hosted by Matte Babel to talk about current happenings with G-Unit including the Young Buck’s situation. 50 Cent states that Buck went to ATL to take part in a project with Young Jeezy when he should of been recording the album. Buck made some noise about not receiving his royalty checks and 50 Cent made it clear on MOD that he earned over 8 million. G-Unit’s sophomore album “Terminate on Sight” is set to release on July 1, 2008.

    HipHossip posted an audio of the interview on Youtube. Peep the video below to listen to the interview.


    New Music: John Legend feat. Andre 3000/Alicia Keys feat. LL Cool J

    June 22.08 @ 8:32 pm
    Posted By: admin

    John Legend feat. Andre 3000 – Green Light


    A John Legend and Andre 3000 collabo is an interesting one but this track is heavy!!!! With this track, John Legend showed a different style to him moving into the dance/pop world. It has a booty poppin, club banger type of vibe. On the other hand, Andre 3000 was a perfect fit for this song. I really hope they create a video for this and The Young, Fresh & New will be reporting it.  Take a listen.

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Alicia Keys feat. LL Cool J – Teenage Love Affair Remix


    The Teenage Love Affair remix features LL Cool J and is produced by non other than Swizz Beats. (You can tell once you hear the beat) LL brought his old school vibe, while Ms. Keys blended her soulful and r&b flavor to the track. Peep the track below

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    New Music: Ne-Yo “A Millie” Freestyle

    June 22.08 @ 2:11 am
    Posted By: admin

    It’s official – everyone and their mother has a freestyle on the Lil Wayne “A Millie” track produced by Bangladesh. Peep my previous post of the top ten “A Millie” freestyles – Link

    Ne-Yo became the latest victim and the second r&b singer to freestyle on this track. This dude is absolutely MEAN with his songwriting skills and he has proven that again with his version. Dude went crazy!!! Listen to the freestyle. Link

    I wonder if he is referring to anyone – hmm?

    “My middle name is more bread/
    and my last name is – than your bread -get it/”

    I am still waiting for Eminem, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg to kick a freestyle over this beat.

    Thanks to RC for the hook up on this track.

    Music Video: LL Cool J – Rockin’ With Da GOAT

    June 21.08 @ 2:53 am
    Posted By: admin

    Gotta Love some LL Cool J. This is a viral video of “Rockin With Da Goat” which is a track coming off his upcoming album “Exit 13” hitting stores on August 5, 2008.


    Dude still strutting his body. I wonder what homeboy is gonna look like at the age of 60.

    Mixtape Special: Clinton Sparks & Kardinal Offishall – “Get Familiar”

    June 21.08 @ 1:03 am
    Posted By: admin

    Kardinal Offishall and Clinton Sparks released a LIMITED TIME ONLY Mixtape called “Get Familar” hosted by Akon. For those who follows Clinton Sparks, he uses this word a lot and in association to get everyone aware of what he has going on. One being Kardinal Offishall. I am not sure how many times I can express my happiness for Kardi. He is growing into the superstar that he has always been and he remains humble about his. Show Some Love for Kardinal Offishall. Download the Mixtape below before time runs out!

    Clinton Sparks & Kardinal Offishall Present
    Get Familiar: Limited Time Only (Hosted by Akon)

    Click Here to Download >>>> IAmNot4Sale.com | Where dangerous happens

    1. Intro: The Chronicles of Kardinal Offishall (Scored by Clinton Sparks)
    2. Touch Me Back…
    3. Dangerous Feat. Akon*
    4. Set It Off Feat. The Clipse*
    5. Graveyard Shift Feat. Akon*
    6. Burnt Feat. Lindo P*
    7. Kardinal Offishall Speaks (IAmNot4Sale.com)
    8. Estelle “Magnificent” Feat. Kardinal Offishall
    9. Kardinal Offishall Live on SmashTime Radio with Clinton Sparks
    10. Fuck The Place Up (Produced by Clinton Sparks)
    11. Eye Miller
    12. Akon Speaks (IAmNot4Sale.com)
    13. The Rudebwoy
    14. I’m Goin’ In*
    15. Bad Like We Bad*
    16. Akon Live on SmashTime Radio with Clinton Sparks
    17. Kardinal Flush
    18. Outro Feat. Akon & Clinton Sparks

    *Final version appears on Kardinal Offishall “NOT 4 SALE” the Album – Coming this Summer!


    Music Video: Lil Mama “I’m What It Is (Strike A Pose)” feat. T-Pain

    June 21.08 @ 12:07 am
    Posted By: admin

    Lil Mama feat. T-Pain “I’m What It Is (Strike A Pose)”

    Lil Mama is definitely on her grind. She is back with her fourth single and video “I’m What It Is (Strike A Pose)” featuring the one and only T-Pain. This track has got some serious dance fever to it. On the other hand, the video has got a late 80’s – early 90’s feel to it. Peep the video.


    • The Afro is killing me!!!
    • T-Pain got the best hooks in HISTORY!

    On Air: Bow Wow Freestyle/Lil Wayne performs “A Millie”

    June 20.08 @ 11:33 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Bow Wow 106 & Park Freestyle

    So Bow Wow appeared on 106 & Park today and he showed everyone that he can indeed freestyle. I don’t know if I should be impressed with the freestyle or google to see if these rhymes are pre-written. Ha! Check it out for yourself! It seems legit to me!

    Lil Wayne performs ” A Millie” Live

    The official summer anthem of this year is here. That’s right “A Millie”. I am not sure if I have expressed enough how much i LOVE this track. Peep the video of Lil Weezy performing “A Millie”. The ending kills me!!! He is one of the greatest to ever do it! Cheah!

    Big Ups to his five-piece band

    Drama in the Air: 50 Cent hit with a Restraining Order

    June 20.08 @ 11:20 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Looks like 50 Cent has gotten himself into even more trouble. Ex-girlfriend/Baby Mother Shaniqua Tompkins has requested a restraining order against the rapper after a dispute over the rapper’s Long Island estate.

    Last month, 50 Cent’s Long Island home where Ms. Tompkins and their 10 year-old son Marquis was living had been destroyed. Shaniqua believes that 50 Cent was involved with the fire that destroyed their home and is claiming rights to 50-percent of the $2.4 million estate. The order also indicates that 50 Cent must remain away from his ex-girlfriend and their son.

    However, a N.Y. judge filed that Curtis Jackson surrenders any guns he may have in his possession. (Are you kidding me? How is this even possible?) Fifty’s lawyer Brett Kimmel has stated “To my knowledge, he has no guns.


    • Either way 50 Cent is gonna be a WINNER in this situation – why? Because he is just plain smart!
    • How is a judge going to tell 50 Cent to hand over any guns he may have. We are talking about 50 Cent. This dude is pretty damn brilliant and do you think he will have any guns in his possession? Think about it!