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  • Say What Now? R.Kelly//Scott Storch//Lil Wayne

    June 14.08 @ 12:26 am
    Posted By: admin

    R.Kelly Found Not Guilty

    After a grooling six-plus years since R. Kelly was charged with 14 counts of child pornography, R.Kelly was acquitted earlier today. The jury made up of nine men and three women, they reached a decision that R. Kelly was found not guilty on all counts charges. Apparently while the verdict was being read out, R.Kelly cried and repeatedly said “Thank You Jesus”. If he was found guilty, he would have been facing jail terms of 15 years.

    I understand the woman who was 13 years old at the time was not the girl on the sex-tape but I don’t understand how R. Kelly got off child pornography charges when everyone and they mother saw the videotape. (Don’t front – you know you seen it) I remember when R.Kelly said in an interview televised on BET that he isn’t the dude on the tape and there was no reason for him to view the tape if it’s not him. So then who is the dude on the tape? Some random guy that looks like R. Kelly – like come on. Give me a damn break. Money Talks!!!

    Case close – Literally!

    Scott Storch Wanted!

    Scott Storch is wanted by police after failing to attend his child-support hearing. The 34 year old producer to many artists including Paris Hilton, Lil Wayne and Fat Joe, has not supported his 2 year old Jalen for the past five months. He is behind 46,000 in child payments and 16,000 in Jalen’s Prepaid College Fund. (Damn only 16,000?? – how much is lil Jalen getting?) Not only is child support an issue but he seems to be in a lot of financial setbacks as of late. Not only does Mr. Storch owes child-support for his 2 year old son , but also owes over 500,000 in property taxes from the last two years. Personally that sounds pretty damn high for someone who constantly sporting in his Ferrari and high priced cars. That’s just my opinion. So the total brings him to – over 562,000. How much are his beats? I need the answer to that one.

    Lil Wayne – Cost how much??? for verses

    (Sources from Rolling Stone)

    Lil Wayne recently got interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine and he gave an inside scope of how much he charges for verse or hook. We all know how HOT Lil Wayne is right now and everyone and their mothers literally want Lil Wayne on a track. But best believe he don’t come cheap. His rates are starting at a minimum of 75, 000 and up to 100,000. Who knows if thoses rates even go higher. They are certain criteria involved on how much Lil Wayne charges. If he like the beat, he might do a verse for the minimum of 75,000.

    Lets do the math of year 2007

    According to Wikipedia, Lil Wayne has been featured on 61 different tracks. 61 x 75,000 = $4.575,000. That’s a minimum of $4.5 million dollars. Mind you there might be other tracks that haven’t been included on Wikipedia including mixtapes. All I am saying, if you want Lil Wayne on a track – you need to have them dollars right!

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