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  • Drama in the Air: 50 Cent hit with a Restraining Order

    June 20.08 @ 11:20 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Looks like 50 Cent has gotten himself into even more trouble. Ex-girlfriend/Baby Mother Shaniqua Tompkins has requested a restraining order against the rapper after a dispute over the rapper’s Long Island estate.

    Last month, 50 Cent’s Long Island home where Ms. Tompkins and their 10 year-old son Marquis was living had been destroyed. Shaniqua believes that 50 Cent was involved with the fire that destroyed their home and is claiming rights to 50-percent of the $2.4 million estate. The order also indicates that 50 Cent must remain away from his ex-girlfriend and their son.

    However, a N.Y. judge filed that Curtis Jackson surrenders any guns he may have in his possession. (Are you kidding me? How is this even possible?) Fifty’s lawyer Brett Kimmel has stated “To my knowledge, he has no guns.


    • Either way 50 Cent is gonna be a WINNER in this situation – why? Because he is just plain smart!
    • How is a judge going to tell 50 Cent to hand over any guns he may have. We are talking about 50 Cent. This dude is pretty damn brilliant and do you think he will have any guns in his possession? Think about it!
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