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  • New Music: Gza – “Paper Plate” (Dissing 50 Cent)

    July 19.08 @ 7:40 pm
    Posted By: admin

    When will the beef stop? Never! GZA has just open a big can of whoop ass against 50 Cent. Again, how convenient that GZA’s upcoming album Pro Tools is out in stores August 19th. Is it a publicity stunt? Probably. Peep the track below.

    Fresh Fashion: Here’s Some Words of Advice in Fashion from MR. SWAGG

    July 19.08 @ 7:06 pm
    Posted By: CirCut of NAP Entertainment

    Everyone wants to be unique. Fashion is not exclusive to models, celebrities and those who can afford the latest designer clothes. Creating a personal style is one way to develop an image that you want to exude to the people around you. How you carry yourself – i. e. the clothes you wear – says […]

    New Music: Ciara “High Price” feat. Ludacris // Chris Brown “Electric Guitar”

    July 19.08 @ 6:53 pm
    Posted By: admin

    Ciara – “High Price” feat. Ludacris “High Price” is Ciara’s first official single off her third album Fantasy Ride and features Ludacris. This album will be three-disc featuring six songs on each disc showcasing three different personas Slow Jams, Crunk & Pop. This track is produced by Tricky Stewart. Fantasy Ride will be out in […]

    YFN-Exclusives: Calling All Rappers – Submit Your “A Penny” Track

    July 19.08 @ 12:11 am
    Posted By: admin

    With all the hype around the Bangladesh’s “A Millie” beat, why not make a beat for the broke. That’s right. Thanks to my homie Abstract, he produced this beat called “A Penny”. Now for all you upcoming rappers, The Young, Fresh & New Team and Abstract want to hear YOU on this beat.The rules are […]