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  • Fresh Fashion: Here’s Some Words of Advice in Fashion from MR. SWAGG

    July 19.08 @ 7:06 pm
    Posted By: CirCut of NAP Entertainment

    Everyone wants to be unique. Fashion is not exclusive to models, celebrities and those who can afford the latest designer clothes. Creating a personal style is one way to develop an image that you want to exude to the people around you. How you carry yourself – i. e. the clothes you wear – says a lot about your personality. Someone who lives in jeans, shirts and sneakers can easily be taken as someone who wants a laid-back lifestyle

    While it’s perfectly fine to keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends, you need to keep yourself from being a victim of trends. Fashion is created to help you establish your own image, not so that it can create a different you.

    People have trademark styles. Kate Moss is popular for her laid-back style. Nicole Richie almost always has bug-eyed shades and a big bag. Jackie O. was known for her classic suits that made her a timeless fashion icon. You too can create your own style. While it’s still a long way towards being a trendsetter, the experience can help you discover your style personality and help you choose clothing and accessories later on

    Do your homework
    Get pictures of celebrities, models and anyone who appeals to your fashion taste or who are made-up in a way that appeals to you. Stick your photos into a notebook or an album. Research about fashion icons and style trends and take notes on which ones you feel greatly reflect the image you want to create. Remember that there are no right and wrong answers here. You shouldn’t feel the pressure of making your style choices fit into what others think is attractive

    Don’t buy anything unless you’re entirely sure that they would suit you. If possible, try borrowing choice accessories from your friends so you can experiment on pieces that you feel will look good on you
    Just make sure that you give them back if you want to keep them as friends

    Take photos
    Whenever someone compliments you for your outfit for the day, make sure to take a photo of how you looked so you’ll have an idea about what others think about your style. Conversely, if you just came out barely alive from a fashion faux pas, you will want to take note of that outfit. Stick all your photos in the same notebook and make comments on what worked and what didn’t. Having an actual image of what you look like in different outfits will help you decide on a signature style that you want to work with When it’s time to shop for clothes and accessories, it’s important to consider your lifestyle.

    Creating a personal fashion style means prioritizing comfort. Clothes that are appropriate for the types of activities that you have will give you a good head start in deciding on the type of style that you want for the future
    Finally, creating a personal style is a work in progress. It doesn’t come automatically. It’s a process of experimenting on various genres. Even fashion icons may have had to go through a lot of criticisms before they discovered what looked best on them. The most important thing is that you have fun dressing yourself up according to your style personality
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