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  • Events: Kreesha Turner’s Release Party at Revival – Toronto

    August 11.08 @ 11:28 pm
    Posted By: admin

    If you don’t know, now you know that Kreesha Turner is one of the hottest r&b/pop singers to come out of Canada. Perez Hilton even thinks so. Earlier this evening, The Young, Fresh & New team attended the exclusive release party for Kreesha Turner’s album Passion.  Many should know about her and if you don’t, you definitely know her single “Don’t Call Me Baby” spinning on various radio station across the country. Kreesha performed about five – seven tracks from the album including “Don’t Call Me Baby” and “Bounce With Me”. She knows how to deliver a great performance and you can feel the energy and passion in her voice. People, do NO sleep on her!!!!

    Go BUY her album Passion at HMV or any music store or buy it online from iTunes tomorrow (August 12th). The album will be available in the U.S. on October 14th. Get your copy now!

    Peep below of videos and photos from the event. Enjoy!

    Click Read More – for videos and mor photos.

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    1. Ro-Shine, August 12, 2008:

      so explain to me why we should give a shit about Perez Hilton’s musical taste?
      WTF does he know about urban or soul music?

      Yes I like Kreesha Turner, but think twice before you name drop…

    2. 4evayoung, August 13, 2008:

      In the society that we live in, proper name dropping can assist an artist/label/fashion designer, automobile, or mostly anything else with exceptional public awareness. Free publicity can put anything on the map. Perez Hilton, like him or not, is an individual ppl look to to validate information. There was no error in mentioning Perez in order to capture attention that Canadian artists so need. I think the blog was written as congrats to Kreesha for being recognized by someone like Perez. It was a smart move and I’m sure it has assisted in her marketing and I know the label is jumpin for joy.

      PS. I hope you picked up the album.

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