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  • Nielsen Soundscan: Kardinal Offishall’s First Week Sales

    September 18.08 @ 1:00 am
    Posted By: admin


    2 MAMMA MIA – SOUNDTRACK – 6,838
    3 COLDPLAY – VIVA LA VIDA – 6,617
    5 KID ROCK – ROCK N ROLL JESUS – 4,675
    6 VARIOUS ARTISTS – NOW! 13 – 4,449
    9 THE GAME –  LAX (DELUXE EDITION) – 3,837
    10 NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK – BLOCK – 3,585

    The official Nielsen Soundscan stats are in and Kardinal Offishall sold……………. 4,247 copies in his first week entering him in the #8 spot. I will be real and at first I was not happy with the reports but after evaluating the numbers, it all makes sense. Kardinal actually did pretty good.

    First, let’s look at how much Kardinal Offishall sold in the United States. Not 4 Sale debuted at #40 with 11,869. In Canada, we did better than the United States because statistics does say that Canada should sell atleast 10 percent of what was sold in the United States. Let’s do the math – 11,869 x .10 = 1,187. Kardinal sold 4,247 which is almost 3 times of what he was suppose to sell. Good job!

    Second, the margin difference between #5 and #8 spot is only a bit over 400 copies. Jonas Brothers only sold 169 , NOW 13 sold 202 and Kid Rock sold 428 more than Kardinal Offishall. The numbers aren’t so bad at all huh?

    Third, if you only look albums that only debuted on the chart this week, Kardinal Offishall is #2 as he follows Metallica and ahead of New Kids on the Block. Also, Kardinal does have the #1 Rap album in the Country. Take that!!!

    After reading these points the numbers do make sense. 58 percent (2.463) of the sales did come from Ontario and I wonder which province followed after Ontario. Also, where was the remaning 42 percent (1,784) made up? Does it matter? It sure does! You always want to know where your sales came from? Also, how many digital albums did he sell on iTunes?

    We are capable of buying albums but do they are many factors that lead to album not selling well in Canada. Did albums that were released on the same week affect Kardinal’s sales? Do previous albums that have been on shelf for more than two weeks affect the sales of Kardinal? What do you think should have been done differently in order to increase album sales? More release parties? More promotions and marketing campaigns? More city visits? There are some many factors that I am not going to list them all.

    So what’s next. The official third single is “Numba 1 (Tide Is High) feat. Rihanna and I know this song is going to blow up the radios everywhere. This song will definitely achieve gold or even platinum with the digital single sales. Will this single help to increase his album sales? We will have to see.

    As the weeks go by I will definitely monitoring the sales and achievement for Kardinal Offishall – Not 4 Sale. We have over 35,500 more to sell in order for Kardinal to get a gold album. He will achieve this and we will definitely try to help him in every way possible.

    Remember Kardinal Offishal – Not 4 Sale is out in stores. Please support this project!!!! You will not be disappointed.


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