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  • Say What Now: R. Kelly Speaks on BET

    September 18.08 @ 2:30 am
    Posted By: admin

    The bastard R. Kelly spoke in an exclusive BET interview regarding his sex trial. It’s funny because when he was first charged he went to BET to do an interview where he made NO complete sense. Now that the trial is over, he decides to go on BET once again to clear the air thinking that people care about his sorry ASS. Try Again! You are still not making any sense!!

    After listening to the grooling 17 minutes, R. Kelly is a damn LIAR! He is talking pure nonsense and if people believe his lies then you are just as bad as he is. Toure – the reporter acts like he cares about this whole situation. This story is truly sad. Anyone who is affiliated with R. Kelly and this situatuion will have to take this to their grave. I am not trying to bring God into this but God is the primary and only person that can judge R. Kelly and he will have to face God one day!

    R. Kelly’s career is coming to an end considering you have these new guys like Ne-Yo, The Dream, Lloyd and so on to take over. They got another 10 to 15 years to stay in this game until the younger generation tries to take over their spot. R. Kelly your career is DONE!

    Peep the video. R. Kelly talks about his music, the past, his brother and the future. If you get bored of listening to his interview – just focus on all the make up he has on his face or his new hair do. He definitely colored his hair. Maybe he will be the spoke person for the hair coloring system for men. We will have to see what is next for R. Kelly.

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