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  • That’s What’s Up: Diddy Blog #20 – Swagger Like Puff

    September 18.08 @ 2:21 pm
    Posted By: admin

    There is soo much hype with the T.I. “Swagger Like Us” track that everyone wants to freestyle or create their own version. Diddy became the latest victim as he created his own version and released video blogs via YouTube. There are two versions – one is with Diddy acting like a damn fool by staring at the camera, dancing and eating fruit loops. In the second video Diddy is cruising in his truck with his peeps and doing his two steps. The track is pretty HOT, but what is this world coming to when Diddy of all people is using the “machine” aka vocoder. Like Why?!?!? Who is next to use the vocoder? Fabolous? Beyonce? Jay-Z?

    Peep the video blogs and the track. It’s some HOT shit for your ass!!!


    Version #1

    Version #2

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    1. Cpt. Forbes, September 18, 2008:

      Orange Juice and Fruit Loops? WTF? Puffy stop poppin’ them E pills when your doing your blog, leave it for the clubs or your orgies.

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