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  • Awards: VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2008 – Live Blogging

    October 6.08 @ 10:05 pm
    Posted By: admin

    10:02 – Tracy Morgan is kinda whack to me. Why is he trying to the a political Hip Hop Campaign. As he is on his campaign bus, he is working on his speech.

    10:04 – Tracy Morgan finally makes it on stage and you see all these Hip Hop Banner with this years honorees. Remember at last year’s BET Hip Hop Awards with Katt William – did he do a political speech as well? Where is the creativity. See the photo below. He mentions this years honorees – Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Slick Rick, Too $hort, Naughty By Nature

    10:07 – Freddy Rodriguez? Isn’t that the actor from Ugly Betty? He presents the first group to be honored tonight – Cypress Hill

    10:11 – Cypress Hill kept their music original by writing about stuff that they personally experience. Considering that they are latinos, they paved the way for other latino and broke into the scene with their first single “How Could I Just Kill A Man”. Interesting Fact – they broke two turntables every night?!?! Those things are not cheap.

    10:12 – Gym Class Heroes, Mack 10, Jim Jones and Fat Joe all performing Cypress Hill classics? This should be interesting.

    10:12 – Fat Joe  performs “The Phuncky Feel One”. What the hell is Fat Joe wearing? Your a big dude and that shirt does not help. Good performance tho.

    10:13 – Jim Jones performs “I Ain’t Going Out Like That”. Dope track but why Jim Jones performing? They couldn’t get someone else. B

    10:14 – Travis McCoy performs “Insane in the Brain” with Mack 10. I haven’t seen this Mack 10 in a minute. This is one dope track.

    10:15 – Cypress Hills performs “How Could I Just Kill A Man”. Interesting Fact – this was their first single!! Wow how can you start the industry with a song like that?

    10:17 – Cypress Hills performs “Rock Superstar”. This song has a a lot of energy when performed live. Damnnn.

    10:24 – Next Up – De La Soul

    10:26 – De La Soul mentioned they never wrote together as a group. Dave and Maseo would go separate ways to write the songs and would put it together after. That’s a rare and very interesting technique.

    10:27 – Joy Bryant talks about the time she fell in love De La Soul and reminisces when she bought the vinyl of 3 Feet High Is Rising. Q-Tip, Estelle, Cee-lo, Mos Def, EPMD and Public Enemy will perform De La Soul singles!!

    10:28 – Estelle performs “A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays” with Q-Tip. Wow Q-Tip still has it!! He is looking good too.

    10:29 – Mos Def performs “Stake Is High” with Public Enemy. Damn Dilla, we miss you!!!!

    10:30 – Cee-Lo performs “Potholes In My Lawns”

    10:31 – EPMD performs “Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)”

    10:36 – Comedian Michael Rappaport talks about his favorite rap group and named his son after one of the members – Maseo.

    10:37 – De La Soul performs “Me, Myself and I”.

    10:39 – De La Soul performs a sample of “Ohhh” and performs “Buddy”. Q-Tip comes out to do a few bars.  You gotta love Hip Hop.

    10:46 – Michael Strahan talks about the best story teller –  Slick Rick.

    10:49 – Slick Rick talks about the art of story-telling through hip hop. Growing up in England, he developed the vision for “The Ruler” from the Queen and her royal family. In 1985, he met Doug E. Fresh, where they later created “La Di Da Di” and the B Side “The Show”. It’s 2008, there aren’t a lot of story tellers. We need more in hip hop!

    10:52 – MC Lyte, Eve, Ghostface, Fabolous, Biz Markie, Dana Dane and Busta Rhymes will perform a tribute for Slick Rick.

    10:52 -MC Lyte “The Ruler’s Back”

    10:53 – Busta Rhymes performs “The Show” with Spliff

    10:53 – Ghostface Killah performs “La Di Da Di” with Biz Markie beatboxing. Wow the whole crowd knows the song word by word. That’s love.

    10:54 – Fabolous performs “Hey Young World” with Dana Dane

    10:55 – Eve performs “Mona Lisa”. Eve still has got it. I don’t like her hair but i love her style.

    11:00 – Slick Rick performs “Children’s Story “. He had to have the infamous chair with the girls

    11:07 – Mos Def & The Roots pay a tribute to Isaac Hayes.  Public Enemy, The Roots, Estelle,

    11:08 – Estelle performs a Mary J Blige classic “Everyday It Rains “

    11:09 – Cee-Lo  performs a little bit of Jay-z “Can I Live” & Mos Def performs Notorious B.I.G. “Warning”

    11:11 – Scarface performs “My Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me”

    11:12 – Public Enemy performs “Black Steel in the hour of Chaos”

    11:13 Rest In Peace – Isaac Hayes. Without you there would be no hip hop!!!

    11:18 – Hip Hop Pioneer Luke Campbell???? Really?!?!?!. No Comment. He talks about the Too $hort and how he opened the doors for Tupac and E-40.

    11:20 – Too $hort talks about Oakland and how he didn’t want to become a rapper. Both his parents were accountants and he had to the choice to be an accountant or a pimp. LOL.

    11:22 – Kid Rick, Lil Jon and Bun B to perform Too $hort classics

    11:23 – Kid Rock performs “Life Is.. Too Short”

    11:24 – Lil Jon performs “Shake That Monkey”

    11:25 – Bun B performs “Blow The Whistle”

    11:29 – Kid Rock talks about that he got his start opening for Too $hort.

    11:30 – Too $hort and Scarface perform ” The Ghetto”, “Gettin It”, and  “Money In The Ghetto”

    11:39 – Last honorees – Naughty By Nature

    11:42 -Big Boi, Juelz Santana and Wyclef Jean

    11:43 – Juelz Santana performs “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” with Wyclef Jean


    11:44 – Big Boi performs “O.P.P.” with Wyclef Jean – This the song!!! Check out Big Boi’s shoes

    11:47 – Tracy Morgan asks Queen Latifah to honor Naughty by Nature. She mentions that her and Treach took place in the same talent show.

    11:48 – Naughty By Nature performs “Uptown Anthem”. Wow they got some serious energy on stage. What’s with their entourage on the stage? Never Fails.

    11:50 – Naughty By Nature performs “Hip Hop Hooray”

    Overall the Awards were dull. Tracy Morgan did a horrible job at hosting the awards. He definitely know his Hip Hop but his jokes were whack! Last year’s awards was highly entertaining and I just hope next year they can step up their game. I wonder who will be honored next year. Check back for the performances from the awards

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