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  • On Air: T.I. on the Tyra Banks Show

    October 29.08 @ 1:00 pm
    Posted By: admin

    T.I. made an appearance on the Tyra Banks show yesterday. Any one who watches the show knows that Tyra will ask question many people want to know. Some may be personal and some may be completely in relevant. For those who missed it, someone took the time to record it. In the 23 minutes interview, Tyra asks T.I. about going to prison, his music career and his best friend.

    One major note: T.I. said he lost his virginity to Tiny at the age of 11. Now let’s do the math. If T.I. was 11, how old was Tiny? Well she is five years older than T.I. making her 16. This all happened before Tiny started her professional music career with Xscape. Hmm, that is some interesting HOT shit for you ass!

    Check out the interview. It’s entertaining and you can feel a different and positive vibe from him. Enjoy

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