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  • Movie Reviews: “Obsessed”

    April 30.09 @ 3:26 pm
    Posted By: admin


    Last Friday, the twitter crew in Toronto decided to watch the premiere of Obsessed. Judging from the trailers, many of us were not convinced with Beyonce’s acting skills.  So most of us went in wondering how her acting was going to be like. I must tell you that Obsessed is a thriller/comedy (and yes you are reading right – comedy) that everyone should see. It is an equation of fatal attraction meets jungle fever. Honestly!

    To sum up the movie, Obsessed is about Derek (Idris Elba) an asset manager and married man to wife Sharon (Beyonce) who gets a new temp assistant Lisa (Ali Larter) who immediately starts to stalk Derek and ruin everything he has worked hard for in order to get what she wants. HIM!


    (Anyone who seen the movie will understand the meaning of this smiley face at the top. Special thanks to @toflo for creating this avatar )

    Beyonce did a really good job in this role. She didn’t over act or under act. I for one was highly impressed at her acting skills. As for Ali Larter, that woman is all around crazy- in all sense. The whole time when I was watching the movie, I was thinking – “are there people really who act like this?” I wonder what drives them to the point to become a stalker and act all crazy? Obsession is indeed the word. Idris Elba on the other hand has always been an amazing actor to me.  Might I add, very sexy. The fact that his is British and he can control his accent is pure talent.

    The plot and cinematopgraphy was very straight forward. However, I didn’t like the fact that it went from Christmas to three months later and then to 6 months. I couldn’t really understand the point of it. Is it the fact that some people are so crazy that they will stalk you for that long of a time? I’m not sure. If you seen the trailers, I am sure you can put two and two together to know how the movie ends – the classic fighting scene between Lisa (Ali Larter) and Sharon (Beyonce). Ms. Knowles got nasty with it, especially with that headbutt. I won’t ruin the closing of the movie but I will say that the ending was super corny and it was cornier that Beyonce’s “Smash Into You” was playing at the end. CORNY!

    Overall, it was a pretty good see. Grab a bunch of friends who have a great sense of humour and go see it. You will not be sorry.

    Young, Fresh & New Rating: 3.25/5.0

    For those who seen the movie, here are some followup questions:

    • Did you like the movie or not?
    • Did you find the movie funny, scary, intense…?
    • What is your favorite scene?
    • Have you ever met someone (male/female) who was this stalker like Lisa? I’m just boogled by the fact there are people who will do anything and everything to get what they want.

    Let me know peoples!

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    1. Ro'Shine, May 1, 2009:

      Movie was hilarious! Comedy of the year if you ask me.
      Worth seeing if you don’t take it as a serious thriller

    2. Stacey-StAR, May 3, 2009:

      hmmm. Ok. My take. Stringer Bell is the MAN (all my Wire heads) the reason why I was more enticed to watch the flick. Beyonce’s acting was only good because she had maybe 4 lines, everything else was saying Derek and Kyle’s name repeatedly. Altho I just added to the revenue of the movie, I thought it was funny…my eyes are tired from all the eye rolling I was on. The fight scene, Beyonce got her ass WHOOPED a shaking floor board saved her life which was foreshadowed at the beginning, I knew that was the ending scene (semi spoiler). With her dad as the executive producer, THERE WAS NO WAY that movie was NOT gonna have a Beyonce track blaring during the credits. Overall I gave that movie 1 headbutt, 2 eyerolls. It was entertaining and quite comical. Funny everyone laughed at the end…THAT was hilarious.

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