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  • Say What Now: Kelis files for Divorce from Nas? Whattt?!?! (Document incl.)

    May 2.09 @ 12:44 pm
    Posted By: admin


    Sources: MTV.com

    According to MTV.com Kelis filed for divorce from Nas after 3 and half years of marriage on April 20, 2009.

    “I can confirm that she has filed for divorce,” a spokesperson for Kelis reportedly told the site on Thursday (April 30). “We request the media to respect her privacy during this very difficult time.”

    The couple first started dating back in 2002 and got married three years later. Kelis is also seven months pregnant with their first child and is set to give birth on July 21, 2009. According to Rapradar.com –  Kelis was fed up with Nas’ verbal abuse and cheating way.  Peep the divorce document here (courtesy of Vibe.com)

    Now my question is where did THEY go wrong? The thing about being a celebrity we feel that we know them because they are in the limelight. People get divorce all the time, and they say 50 percent of marriages do end up in divorce.  Could that explain why we have seen Kelis making solo appearances lately? Who is the woman (women) Nas’ has been cheating with? It’s unfortunate that Kelis is pregnant with his child. But on a brighter note: NAS is back on the market!!! Yeahhhhh!!!! The story will continue to unfold….

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    1. Ro'Shine, May 2, 2009:

      That bitch cheated on Nas. There is a sex tape out there with rapper Infared.
      Baby prob not even his sad to say…

    2. sean, May 3, 2009:

      Seeing this picture just made me re-realize how ill they were together. She was a rider. A n*gger shirt at The Grammys?

    3. sean, May 3, 2009:


    4. LazyDazy, May 6, 2009:

      So what the bitch can’t cheat? I bet money nigga cheated on her as much as he changed his draws. They need to be together cuz I think they both crazy ass mofos and no else should have to deal wit em. awww black love :)

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