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  • Music Videos: Eminem “3 A.M.”

    May 4.09 @ 3:00 am
    Posted By: admin

    Eminem is back with his third single “3 A.M.” off his upcoming release The Relapse. “3 A.M.” has a more darker and in depth tone compared to his last single “We Made You”. Directedby Syndrome,  this video committed to bring back Eminem’s craziness and edge. Who comes up with lyrics like these?

    It’s 3 a.m in the morning/
    Put my key in the door/
    There’s bodies laying all of the floor and/
    I don’t remember how they got there, but I guess I must of killed em, killed em/

    Eminem does!! According to Wikipedia, Eminem will be releasing another albumThe Relapse 2 later on this year as a continuation. Be sure to pick up The Relapse will be available in stores on May 19th. Go get it!

    Peep the video & enjoy!

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