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  • On Air: Justin Timberlake “Mother Lover” skit on Saturday Night Live (May 9th)

    May 10.09 @ 1:53 am
    Posted By: admin

    Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time on May 9th. He started off with a song as he describe that he already knows his place around the Saturday Night Live set. In my opinion, ALL of the skits pretty much FAILED as most of them were sequels from his previous appearance (Dick in a Box, Welcome to Homelessville, Bee Gee’s show). One skit that I did find hilarious was the “Mother Lover” with Andy Samberg. It was their tribute to Mother’s Day. The skit and the song speaks for it self.

    I will have the rest of the skits when they become available. ENJOY!

    Download the uncemsored track here. Thx to Cashmerethinker.com

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