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  • Concert: Drake Live In Concert @ Sound Academy (May 13)- Review

    May 14.09 @ 3:35 am
    Posted By: admin

    Today, I was part of history in the making. Today, Toronto stood up and supported an artist who we truly believe and that artist name is DRAKE.

    Drake performed at Sound Academy on May 13th which was the first show after the release of his mixtape So Far Gone.  Word was that around 8 P.M., the line up to get inside the venue was long. By the time the Real Mark Global Group & Young, Fresh & New team got there, it was an easy process. The venue was jam packed and I couldn’t believe how many people were there to see Drake! It was absolutely amazing. Everyone race and culture came out to support T.O own – Drake.

    Special shout outs to Brown of Legacy Sound and P-Reign for holding down the crowd until Drake came on stage. Around 10:15pm Drake opened the show with “Congratulations”. I felt like I was living a Kanye West moment. Everyone was singing word to word and was showing love. I couldn’t enjoy the track because two guys wanted to wreck everyone’s fun and almost fought. (Smh) When we will ever learn? After they got removed from the scene, Drizzy got the crowd hyped with the “Unstoppable” Remix. When he started to rap the words “My name is Drizzy….”  the whole crowd went bananas and started to sing along. If you thought that sounded exciting, Drake began to perform that Houston shit “Uptown” and guess who came out…. Bun B. What?!?!?! Bun B of U.G.K. came to support a Toronto artist. Again, absolutely amazing! The New Fresh Prince spent 40 minutes performing various tracks including “Successful,” “Closer,” “Still Fly” with Page, “Best I Ever Had,” “Say You Will,” “City Is Mine” “Ignant Shit,” “November 18th,” “A Little Bit,” “Every Girl” and some others. How many rappers can you name that can sing? Drake serenaded the ladies with “Brand New.”  I was a little mad he did not sing “A Night Off” but he can save that for the next concert with Lloyd.

    I LOVED every minute of the concert, but I did find that the song sequence was a little off. I felt the song line up was more for the College/University crowd. It’s his first show and I will not knock Drake down for it. He’s a humble artist and is always learning and open to suggestions. I want to reflect on this moment a year from now and see how his performances will be like then.

    If you were not there to witness this show, this is something you will regret. I REPEAT – YOU WILL REGRET THIS!

    One note:  TORONTO is no longer the Screwface Captial of the world because we are capable of singing along and supporting our own.

    Normally I have my camera therefore I didn’t get any videos. Check out the videos I got off of YouTube. I will be posting more.  If you were at the concert – what are your thoughts??

    Congratulations  & Unstoppable

    Best I Ever Had

    Every Girl

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