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  • Events: Melanie Fiona’s Listening Session in Toronto

    May 22.09 @ 4:13 pm
    Posted By: admin


    This past Tuesday, Universal Music Canada held a special listening session for the one and only Melanie Fiona at Harlem in Toronto. Many tastemakers got an exclusive glimpse of her upcoming debut album The Bridge. Melanie describes The Bridge as an album that will bring people together. It doesn’t matter what race, sex or genre of music you are into, this album provides a little bit of everything – making it easy for everyone to relate to. She started the session with her first single “Give It To Me Right”. As I wasn’t expecting her to sing, she just got in the groove and the rest was history. When you see Melanie Fiona perform, you can feel the passion that she gives in each song. “Ay Yo” is described a reggae infused track that can instantly get the crowd moving. Another track “You Stop My Heart” is a 50’s/60’s soul inspired track which reminds me of Solange “Wouldve Been the One”.  The title says it all – it’s a track about not living without someone – stopping your heart. Other highlight tracks are “Monday Mornings,”  “Sad Songs,” and “It Kills Me”. You can peep the video of  “It Kills Me” below. (I apologize for the dark settings -but listen to the track – very inspirational) Quick fact, for those who have seen the movie Obsessed, “Teach Him” is at the ending of tthe film. I am loving the exposure and love that everyone has been giving to Melanie.

    Melanie Fiona “It Kills Me” at Listening Session in Toronto (May 19th) from Young, Fresh & New on Vimeo.

    The Bridge is filled with love, soul and feel good tracks. She described it best, everyone can relate to this album. I can defintely relate to “It Kills Me”. The second single has not been chosen yet but I hope she chooses “Ay Yo” or “It Kills Me”. We will have to wait and see.

    Melanie is currently doing promo tours all over the U.S., so if she is in your town, please go out and support this very talented singer/songwriter from Toronto. She will also be in touring across Europe starting the end of June. Be sure to buy and support Melanie Fiona – The Bridge on this summer ’09.

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