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  • Events: Stylus Spinfest: Day Three – 2009 Stylus Awards BBQ & Trivia

    June 3.09 @ 4:48 am
    Posted By: admin

    On Sunday May 31st, 2009 Stylus Award BBQ & trivia took place at the Montana’s in Downtown Toronto. Although, it wasn’t perfect BBQ weather, the sun was out and about but wind didn’t want to go away. (booo). All the nominees and sponsors were there in effect to listen to some great music provided by DJ Grouch, LRS, Charlie Brown of Legacy Sound and DJ PPlus, eat some food and of course, to connect and reconnect with friends. It was nice to have such a positive vibe in the room and of course, everyone was enjoying themselves.

    Before the trivia, Click announced the top 3 artists in the “Who Got Next” series. Third Place is DJ Knowledge ft. Slick Life and Cory Lee “Can’t Stop “Hey DJ)” , second place is Bad New Brown “Back On It” from Montreal and first place goes to Jhevon Paris “Top of the Line ” featuring Colby O’Donis. Congratulations to all the artists who made the Who Got Next compilation.

    Later in the evening, the classic trivia challenge took place where your favorite DJs and  Promoters battle out to see which team is the best and to show how much they know about music. Although some of the questions may seem easy, but once you are under pressure it is a different story. The trivia was hosted by Starting From Scratch and Wan Luv who both did an amazing job at supporting and dissing each other and kept the trivia entertaining. The teams consisted of: TEAM A – Lindo P, Arcee, Mensa vs. TEAM B –  Karyen, Gee Wunder, Sugar Daddy and TEAM C – LissaMonet, Ritz, Ian Andre Espinet vs. TEAM D – Nasty Nas, Tasha Rozez, Boogeym’en. In the final round,  TEAM A – Lindo P, Arcee, Mensa vs. TEAM D – Ian Andre Espinet (Nasty Nas), Tasha Rozez, Boogeym’en. As it may seems that Team A was leading most of the final round, Team D came back with the final question and became victorious in the trivia challenge. Team D now holds bragging rights until the 2010 Spinfest BBQ Trivia Challenge. Big shoutouts to Bunitall of Universal Music and Mellenius of Tone Mason. Both guys were on point and telling me the answers to every questions! Maybe they should be in the trivia next year. Just a thought.

    Overall, BBQ was a huge success and I will be waiting for next year’s. Check out the photos below.

    Special thanks to Stylus Group,  Shaman Fam & Real Mark Global Group for sponsoring the event!

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