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  • Mixtape Special: J Cole – (The Warm Up To) The Warm Up Mixtape

    June 5.09 @ 1:16 pm
    Posted By: admin


    A few days ago, I got a chance to listen to this upcoming rapper J Cole who is currently signed to Jay-z’ Roc Nation. Jermaine Cole aka J Cole, a native of North Carolina recently released his mixtape – (The Warm Up To) The Warm Up. Now you know if Jay-z co-signs someone, this person has to be HUGE. And you are right! J Cole is NEXT up. In a recent interview with Complex Magazine, he starting rapping at the age of 12 with a similar style to Master P. As he got older, he was in influence by 2Pac, Nas & Canibus. Now at the age of 24, he is on his grind to do “By Any Means Necessary” Read more on the interview on Complex Magazine – here

    J Cole released his video “Grown Simba”. The video is directed by BB Gun. Love the video!!! It’s makes you understand what he is really trying to say. Pay attention people!

    Watch the video below & download the mixtape! NOW!

    Light skin is backkkkkkkkkkk!!!

    Track Listing:

    1. Grown Simba
    2. Serenade
    3. Til Infinity
    4. Dollar and A Dream II
    5. Just to Get By
    6. I Get Up
    7. Royal Flush
    8. Song for the Ville
    9. Really Mean It
    10. In The Morning
    11. Show Me Somethin
    12. I’m Comin
    13. BONUS – Jazmine Sullivan -“I Need You” featuring J Cole.

    Download: J Cole – The Warm Up Sampler – Mixtape

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