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  • Awards: 2009 BET Awards – Lots of Misses & Zero Hits

    June 29.09 @ 3:23 pm
    Posted By: admin


    Here are the Young, Fresh & New notes & thoughts regarding the 2009 BET Award. I must say that there was a lot of misses than hits last night.

    1. Where was Chris Brown? There was word that he was schedule to perform but didn’t because of Jay-Z. One of Chris Brown’s dancer @bshaw721 tweeted about Jay-z did not want Chris Brown to perofrm at the awards. I can understand that Jay-z is not a fan of  Chris Brown after the whole Rihanna incident, but Chris Brown had every right to be there and the perform at the awards. I wonder what the people at BET told Chris Brown and his camp. Also, Jay-z did not need to perform since his video was being premiered last night. Jayz is more important than Chris Brown.


    2. Kanye West was scheduled to perform but he didn’t last night. It sounds a little strange to me since Kanye West is known for ranting and raving about not getting enough showtime on television. Kanye didn’t go on a rampage which shows that he is really working on his “ego” I’m not a huge fan of Soulja Boy but that performance was the worst I have seen in years. Singing or rapping over your tracks should not be allowed at an awards. PERIOD! Kanye West > Soulja Boy.

    3. Host Jamie Foxx got the most plugins I have ever seen in my life at an award show. Every two seconds he was plugging in that he is on tour next month. Not to mention that he performed three times during the award show and won an award for Best Collaboration with T-Pain. Sounds like a fix plan to me. Since its a recession, the plugins at the awards is BET’s way of compensating him and it worked.

    4. Did anyone notice Diddy’s face when BBD was performing? I guess there is still some bitter blood. Stop holding a grudge and move on!

    5. Young Money, Drake & Lil Wayne performance looks like a last minute deal. I can’t recall if Lil Wayne was schedule to perform but overall it was good but not CRAZY! Also, having underage girls singing “Every Girl” on stage was not a good look. You are screaming R. Kelly! But one thing I can say is that I am truly happy to see Toronto’s own Drake on stage at the BET awards. It’s the beginning of an era for him and I am so happy to witness that!

    6. CNN was granted a red carpet interview wit hJoe Jackson regarding his son Michael Jackson. Did anyone notice how Joe Jackson plugged in his recording company during his red carpet interview. I found that to be a little strange. Overall, he is handling this situation very well and is very concern to what was going on with Michael Jackson – Rest in Peace.

    7. Taraji P. Henson, Tyrese & Ving Rhimes skit was uber gay. I felt that they didn’t need to plug that in there. I guess it’s BET’s way of trying to be funny. NOT!

    8. I believe that BET was trying to bank in on Michael Jackson’s death by paying a tribute. BET has been mentioning it all weekend that the awards will be doing many tributes to MJ all night. With only three days to change some of the plans, I felt they should of done more. They shouldn’t have allowed Jay-z to influence their decision about Chris Brown. I am sure more will unfold during the upcoming days and weeks.

    9. What happened to Usher? Word that he was trying to catch a flight to be at the awards. I wonder what happened.

    10. And we will never know what the awards was suppose to look like prior to Michael Jackson’s death.

    11. The biggest highlight was when Janet Jackson paid a homage to her brother. You could look into her eyes and see the emotions from within. Her message was short and sweet.

    Side note: I was tweeting with my homies – @bennybing & @heyhomee and they mentioned that Debra Lee needs a performance review. I agree with that statement. It’s the BET’s ninth annual awards and they still don’t have everything in order. When is BET going to step up! The whole world was watching BET last night because of the Michael Jackson tribute and there wasn’t much that was done. I will be waiting for all the other awards shows – Billboard, American Music Awards, MTV Vmas and of course the Grammys. They will do a BETTER tribute.


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    1. Kam, June 30, 2009:

      Ya Diddy did look very bitter for some reason I wonder why?
      Maybe cause he ain’t getting none of those royalty cheques…lol

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